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Who You Can Sponsor For Canada Immigration?

March 14, 2022BY Admin

It is not news your family members can live or study and work in Canada, assuming they become extremely durable inhabitants of Canada. The fantastic idea is to help support specific family members’ Canada sponsor immigration. You can sponsor certain family members to come to Canada, assuming you’re something like 18 years of age.

• Canadian resident or,

• Registered as a foreigner under the Canadian authorities

• a long-lasting occupant of Canada

On the off chance that you are a Canadian resident or a long-lasting occupant of Canada, you can support specific relatives to become Canadian inhabitants. Assuming you become an extremely durable inhabitant, you can live, study and work in Canada. You might get a good chance to provide sponsorship to any family member to come to Canada as a highly durable inhabitant. You are liable for supporting your relative monetarily when the person in question shows up.


When the IRCC has accepted your PR movement application, you will get an “Acknowledgment of Receipt,” otherwise called an AOR. This AOR is an affirmation that your application document has been made. You may likewise allude to an “AOR date,” which is dated when your “half of a year” planned to handle time starts.

Those 18 and more are established as Canadian residents; long-lasting inhabitants are qualified to support their families to acquire a stable Canadian home. If you are married and have been living in Canada, given the option, you can also opt for a Canada immigration sponsor spouse.

What do you need to be a sponsor?

1. You should be a minimum of 18 years old or more.

2. If essential, you and the supported relative should consent to a sponsorship arrangement. This will let you offer monetary help to your family member. This arrangement likewise says the individual turning into a long-lasting resident will bend over backward to help her or himself.

3. You should offer monetary help for your spouse, provided you are the Canada sponsor for the immigration of your spouse

4. You should provide some monetary help for a reliant youngster for quite a  time. You also have to bear the expenses until the kid turns 25, whichever starts things out.

Most support their spouse, accomplice, guardians, or grandparents, and there are two different choices for who you can help.

You can additionally sponsor an orphaned sibling, sister, nephew, niece, or grandkid or be a Canada immigration sponsor spouse.

IRCC states you can support the above people or grandkid on the off chance that these circumstances are met:

• they are your blood relative or through reception

• both of their folks died

• they are beneath the age of 18

• they are not hitched or in a customary regulation of the intimate relationship



The Spousal Sponsorship program is a subclass of the Family Class movement classification. According to the clause of this program, a Canadian resident or super durable inhabitant might support their spouse or custom-based regulation accomplice for a Canadian extremely durable home.

The Canadian resident who will be Canada immigration sponsor (likewise called the ‘support’) and the foreign spouse (the ‘supported individual’) should be endorsed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. To acquire a visa through the above movement program, the support and sponsored individual should convince their legit relationship under the following classifications: 

• Spouse Common-regulation Partner Conjugal Partner Canada perceives same-sex couples to be qualified for spousal sponsorship.

• Inland sponsorship can also be considered, which is the point at which the couple is together in Canada, and the unfamiliar companion/custom-based regulation accomplice has brief status in Canada, either as a specialist, understudy, or guest. 

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Then again, IRCC says you cannot support this relative if any of the accompanyings applies:

  • They have a parent that is as yet alive
  • The area of their folks is obscure
  • Their folks deserted them
  • Tnother person focuses on them while any of their folks are alive
  • Their parent is in prison or busy

As you can see, if you want to sponsor any of your family members, such as a child, brother, sister, or spouse, you can easily do so. You can efficiently become the Canada immigration sponsor for spouse.