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What is Canada’s cost of living?

April 30, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

Cost of living is a relative term and it largely depends on what quality of life you wish to lead. I would like to provide the information considering someone who needs very basic quality of life. In my opinion the basic quality of life needs to provide an individual an access to the following:

  • At least a 2 Bedroom and a Living room Accommodation
  • An entry level Car to move around
  • Children go to a decent school to study
  • Groceries in order to feed the family
  • Required clothing for the family
  • Once a fortnight dining out
  • Once a month movie
  • Cell phone needs for everyone in family
  • Internet Connection
  • TV Connection
  • Utilities like heat, gas and water
  • Gym membership to stay fit
  • Health care cost if required

Renting a 2 bedroom and a Living room:

To rent an apartment costs in between 1200 CAD to 2500 CAD. It depends on the city and location of the rental accommodation. A downtown accommodation would cost about 2500 CAD and if you take a premise in Suburbs, it can cost you as low as 1200 CAD.

Afford a Car:

In order to afford a car, you have different options. You may purchase a second-hand car or lease a new car. Apart from the ownership cost, there are other costs like insurance, Gas and maintenance. The tentative breakdown is given below:

  • Lease a new car like Toyota or Honda: 300 CAD
  • Insurance Cost: 250-300 Cad per month (Depends on your previous driving history and accident history)
  • Gas cost: Considering you drive 40 KMS a day, the cost would be approx. 200 CAD a month

School fee:

If your kids go to elementary or High school, then there is no tuition fee. However, you can safely assume 50 CAD per month to be expense for supplies etc.


Average grocery bill for a household is 600 CAD. This would suffice for a family of 3. This includes, Grocery, fruits and Vegetables along with other essential supplies.


For a normal average Canadian spends at least 200 CAD per month on Clothes. However, as stated earlier there is no end to it. One may spend as high as 2000 CAD per month.

Dine Out:

A dine out at Mcdonalds would be around 20 CAD for a family, however, a find dining would cost at least 80 CAD for a family


Once a month movie would cost around 75 CAD which includes the ticket and light snacks with soft drinks.

Cell Phone:

Cellphone costs around 45 CAD to 60 CAD. It depends on the individual’s internet usage.

Internet and a TV Connection:

Home internet and Tv connection costs around 100 CAD. This includes high speed internet with unlimited download and basic TV connection with 5 theme packs.


If you are renting the house the basic utilities like Heat, Electricity, Fortis Gas and Water are included in the basic rent.

Gym Membership:

Gym costs around 25-30 CAD per month per member

Health Care:

Health care is covered by province.

Considering all above, cost of living for the family of 4 would come to approx. 3500 CAD per month. The stated amounts may vary, depending on the Car you buy, place of residence and location of residence. The expenses like clothing and the number of times you dine out or go for a movie.

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