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What are the services offered by immigration consultants in Surrey?

June 8, 2023BY Admin

Surrey Immigration Consultants are professionals who specialize in helping people who want to immigrate to Canada or have already migrated and need further assistance.

These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in Canadian immigration law and policy. They provide various services that cater to the specific needs of their clients. In this article, we will discuss the services offered by immigration consultants in Surrey

1. Eligibility Assessment:

Eligibility assessment is the first service provided by immigration consultants. The consultant will assess the client’s profile and determine if they are eligible to apply for immigration to Canada.

Evaluation will be based on various factors, such as age, education, work experience, language skills and adaptability. The consultant will make an honest assessment of the client’s chances of success and recommend the best immigration program based on their profile.

2. Choosing an immigration program:

Once the eligibility assessment is complete, the immigration consultant will help the client to select the most appropriate immigration program. Canada has a number of immigration programs, such as the Express Entry System, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and the Family Sponsorship Program.

The mentor will advise the client on which program to apply for based on their profile and preferences.

3. Document generation and submission:

The immigration process involves submitting various documents like educational certificates, work experience letters, language test scores and police clearance certificates.

Immigration consultants will assist clients in gathering the necessary documents, filling up the application form and submitting it on time. They will ensure that the documents are correct and complete to avoid any delays or rejections.

4. Application Processing:

Once the application is submitted, immigration consultants will follow up with the immigration authority to check the status of the application on behalf of the client.

They will ensure that the application is processed in a timely manner and that any queries or concerns raised by the authorities are addressed promptly.

5. Interview Preparation:

Some immigration programs require an interview with the client. Immigration consultants will help the client prepare for the interview by providing guidance on the interview process, the questions that may be asked and how to respond. They will advise the client on how to present himself in the best possible light.

6. Appeal and Review:

If the application is rejected, the immigration consultants will help the client to file an appeal or request a reconsideration of the decision. They will provide legal advice and represent customers throughout the appeals process.

7. Post-Arrival Services:

Immigration consultants will provide post-arrival services to clients already moving to Canada. These services include opening bank accounts, obtaining Social Insurance Number (SIN), finding accommodation and registering children in school. They will also help clients understand Canadian culture, laws and regulations.


Surrey Immigration Consultants offer a variety of services to clients looking to immigrate to Canada. From eligibility assessment to post-arrival services, these professionals provide comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the immigration process. It is essential to choose a licensed and reputable immigration consultant to ensure that you receive the best possible service.