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October 28, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

Two PNP draws were held in Saskatchewan recently. The first one was held on 7th October and the other on 21st October.

Before you read results about the PNP draws, let us throw light on Saskatchewan as a province. It’s the only province in Canada without a natural border. It is also popularly called “the province of 100,000 lakes”. It is also experiences, the sunniest weather and anyone who is fond of swimming, boating or any other water related activities this is the province for you.

On the 7th this month candidates from the express entry stream were invited. On the 21st, 618 invites were sent out. Out of the 618 invitations, 340 received invitations under the express entry category. The other 278 were received by the occupations In-Demand category.


On the 7th, the lowest ranked score was 78.
On the 21st, under the express entry the lowest ranked score was 78 and 70 for the Occupation in demand category.

Saskatchewan uses expression of Interest system. This is a system that sends invites to people who show interest in living in the province and the score is based on the applicant’s age, education, work experience, language skills, and ties to the province.

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