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Spousal open work permit application : What you need to know

May 21, 2022BY Admin

Is your foreign spouse waiting to get permanent residence status in Canada? Is the application under process? Well, it may take some time. However, they can apply for and obtain a permit to work. With the open work permit, your foreign spouse can work in Canada. 

It can help both of you to meet the living expenses and stay with each other enjoying life. There are many eligibility criteria to get a work permit for your spouse. If you are unaware of the process of the spousal open work permit application, take the help of a reputed immigration service provider for many benefits. 

The benefits of spousal open work permit application with  Stepwise Immigrations

Spousal open work permit application Canada allows working in the country in any sector and for any employer. This type of work permit has a validity of two years or the passport expiry date, whichever is earlier. The sponsor of the spouse should have a permanent resident status. The spouse should also stay with the partner in the country after getting the permit. 

Both the applicants and the sponsor should meet the eligibility requirements under the act. Again the applicant should also hold a valid temporary resident status. They can be visitors to the country, workers, or students. Thus, there are many eligibility criteria that many may not be aware of. Hence a visa and immigration service provider like us , Stepwise Immigrations having a website stepwiseimmigrations.com can help.

Bringing your spouse to Canada – Applying without knowing all the criteria for spousal open work permit application Canada process application can get rejected. The best service provider will go through all documents, check their validity, and then only process the application. If one provides wrong information in a spousal open work permit application and the authorities reject it, it becomes challenging to get a subsequent permit.

Account creation 

The immigration service provider assists the applicant in creating an account on the specific website for making the application. After creating the account, the service provider helps the applicant in various processes and stages of application selecting the right category.

Helps in avoiding mistakes

Any unintentional mistake in providing the necessary information, the application gets rejected. Therefore it is best to take the help of the best service provider and sail smoothly with their guidance. The best agency will explain to the applicant to submit copies of relevant documents. They will verify the documents for eligibility before one makes the application. The agency can ask for the additional document to strengthen the application. 

Staying up to date 

The best agency working for visas and immigration to Canada is aware of the latest eligibility criteria and law changes. Thus, the agency can prepare the application accordingly and help the applicant submit it for approval.

Shorter processing time 

With proper supporting documents by the sponsor and the applicant, the processing time of the permit gets shorter. When immigration authorities find that the application is correct and has all supporting documents, they quickly grant the permit. Otherwise, they often ask for additional documents to grant the permit, and it delays the application process. 

The best agency helps the applicant with the entire process. However, if there are any additional queries, they help the applicant reply promptly with supporting documents. Many applicants get stuck in the process, and the immigration department rejects the application.

Helps to extend the work permit

The best service provider can help the applicant extend the permit if the spouse stays in Canada. Sometimes it becomes challenging for the applicant to follow proper norms to extend the permit. Many applicants think to extend the permit only when the existing permit expires. However, it is not that. The spouse has to apply for an extension with the validity period of the current work permit. The service provider can do the needful on behalf of the applicant and help extend the work permit by stating proper reasons.

Making payments 

One must pay the requisite fee for a spousal open work permit application Canada process. Recently, the Government of Canada has increased the fee, and it is Can $1080. There is other add-on fees that the applicant needs to pay. Again there are exemptions of fees for particular categories. Thus the immigration service provider can guide the applicant accordingly and help pay the fees. The best service provider adds some minimum service charge that does not burn a hole in the pocket.

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Approach the best visa and immigration service provider to bring your spouse to Canada with a valid open work permit. Make your application error-free and complete paying all the requisite fees. Stay with your spouse in Canada, who has an open work permit, and enjoy life. Leave the application blues to us and relax. Contact us for more details.