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Consult RCIC & Review Refusal

You received a refusal on your immigration application and you are looking to consult someone who can review the reason for refusal and give you an opinion based on the Immigration and refugee protection act.

In our experience we have observed there are many applications that are refused because of the lack of documentary evidence. Many times it is because of the wrong choice of the immigration program or sometimes due to insufficient proof. As per IRPA, the onus is on the applicant to provide sufficient evidence that he qualifies for a particular program. In all these situations, if you get the right advice, there is a possibility to submit a new application and get a positive decision.

How can the team at Stepwise help?

We are easily approachable. You can book free consultation @ facebook.com/stepwiseimmigrations for half an hour and we will be happy to help you free of cost. The general steps that you should follow for a free consultation are as follows:

  • make a copy of your refusal letter
  • make a copy of the old application that was submitted
  • have all documentary evidence that you attached with the application

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