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November 16, 2022BY Admin

Schools in Canada that offer PGWP : As we all know, Canada has become a favorite choice among Global students who wish to work and study abroad. More than 1 lakh students are pursuing different courses in Canada. But the query arises which are the best Canada PGWP colleges? This query seems a little bit easy to answer about colleges Canada PGWP. Many PGWP eligible colleges allow students to work after they graduate from there. But picking the right colleges eligible for PGWP is very difficult for students. Therefore, it is best to take the aid of the best Canadian experts at Stepwise Immigrations. Our clients rely on us as we care for everything on their behalf. Let’s dive more into this topic to find out about schools in Canada that offer PGWP.

What does PGWP Canada mean?

Post-secondary graduates of participating institutions are eligible for this program. It allows students to gain valuable work experience in Canada. PGWP graduates of eligible Canadian educational institutions may apply to acquire an open work permit in Canada to gain practical work experience. By acquiring knowledge in a National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B, Canadian graduates can apply for permanent residency under the PGWP under the Canadian Experience Class. The validity of a post-degree work permit can last between eight months and three years. The PGWP will not be granted to applicants who study in Canada for a prolonged period. Seeking the best PGWP-eligible programs Canada. Visit our office to meet our experts at Stepwise Immigrations to get more details.

Requirements for work permit colleges

There are some requirements in order to get work permit colleges. But if you think you have made a mistake, then talk to our experts at Stepwise Immigrations. We will help you pick the best schools in Canada that offer PGWP.

  • An applicant must have studied at a qualified Designated Learning Institution (DLI) for at least eight months to be eligible.
  • A degree, diploma, or certificate must be associated with the applicant’s study program.
  • An applicant must have received full-time student status during every academic session of the course of study completed and included in the post-graduation job application.
  • Applicants should have received an official letter and transcript from the eligible DLI confirming that they had completed their program of study. PGWP applications require this official letter and transcript.
  • Graduates of a public post-secondary school, such as a college, a trade school, or a technical school, are eligible.

Wish to know more about colleges Canada PGWP. Then don’t look here and there. Reach simply to the office of Stepwise Immigrations. We will help you in getting more details about work permit colleges.

PGWP college list

These are some of the famous Canadian colleges eligible for PGWP. Take entry into these PGWP colleges and earn work experience and money. If you think you are missing some details about Canada PGWP colleges, then take the assistance of Stepwise Immigrations. Our experts will help you from the beginning to the end of the process, and you will learn vital details you must know about.

  • Georgian College @ ILAC

ILAC’s reputation as a global leader in English language training is combined with Georgian College’s postsecondary education experience. There are now many Georgian programs available to international students at ILAC Toronto. Students can expect to find excellent services like these at Georgian @ILAC:

  • Activities associated with the direction
  • Counselling for students
  • Help with immigration and housing
  • Insurance coverage for health and dental care
  • Assistive technology
  • Cambrian College @ Hanson College

An agreement was entered into between Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology and Hanson Canada in 2005. This agreement formed CHanson.at Hanson. Hanson offers a variety of Cambrian College programs exclusively to international students at its three campus locations.

  • Niagara College @ Toronto School of Management

Together with the Toronto School of Management, Niagara College offers Niagara College’s most sought-after programs in Toronto, Ontario. Students can now access great job options in two of the most beautiful regions in Canada.

Several Niagara College programs and services are offered at the Toronto campus through an alliance between Niagara College and the Toronto School of Management. A high standard of instruction and student services is provided as a result of this coalition. Together with the Toronto School of Management, Niagara College offers Niagara College’s most sought-after programs in Toronto, Ontario.

The Toronto School of Management is a registered private career college in the city’s heart. The Ministry of Colleges and Universities accredits it.

  • Canadore College @ Scarborough

The Canadore College in Toronto was based in 1967 as a Designated Learning Institution. There are eight campuses located in famous sites in the province. More than 65 full-time post-secondary programs are available at Canadore, as well as part-time programs. It is saved to provide students with the best learning setting and infrastructure. Students succeed, provide unique programs and services, engage in community activities, are bearable, and are clever. In addition to graduating about 1,000 students yearly, the college has more than 40,000 alums.

  • Loyalist College @ Mississauga

Students at Loyalist College in Toronto have the opportunity to combine academic excellence with extracurricular activities and experiences. There are an increasing number of international students in diverse communities from countries around the world.

Seeking the best PGWP eligible colleges. Stepwise Immigrations is here to help you regarding all issues. Our experts have years of skill in handling different visas. Contact us now to learn more about PGWP-eligible programs Canada.

  • Alder University

The Adler University in British Columbia was founded as a private institution in 1952. It has two campuses in North America (one in Chicago, Illinois, and one in Vancouver, British Columbia).

At Alder University, more than 1,400 students are enrolled in online masters and doctoral programs.

A total of 650,000 hours of community service are performed by the university’s students each year. About 700 organizations collaborate with the institution on community health.


Looking for the best PGWP college list. Take the help of the best experts at Stepwise Immigrations. We are the best team, always ready to help our clients regarding any matters about Canada. Then what are you waiting for? Reach out to our team at Stepwise Immigrations. We will ensure all your queries will be solved in any case you have.


 Which colleges in Canada have PGWP?

Many colleges in Canada have PGWPs. Meet our experts to know more.

 Who is eligible for PGWP in Canada?

Applicants must be 18 years of age to be eligible for this program.

 How much GPA is required for PGWP in Canada?

There is no GPA requirement to get qualified for PGWP.

 Can I get PGWP after 1 year in Canada?

Yes, you can get PGWP after 1 year, but you have to apply within 180 days of your graduations.