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Religious Work Visa Program for Religious Workers

The Religious or Charitable Work visa program entitles foreign workers to enter into Canada on a temporary basis to carry out duties for religious or charitable organisations.

Applicants who want to perform or serve a Canadian religious or charitable institution, may apply for this type of visa.

However, it is essential that the religious workers should possess the required credentials, documentations, experience and skills for the position they propose to hold. This visa allows the applicants to live and work in Canada on temporary basis. In addition, this visa may prove to be beneficial for applicant and help him acquiring eligibility for permanent residence in Canada.

The professional occupations in religion consist of the following job titles:

  • Archbishop
  • Bishop
  • • Cardinal
  • Chaplain
  • Evangelist
  • Granthi
  • Imam
  • Minister
  • Moderator
  • Pastor
  • Pastor
  • Rabbi

Other religious occupations include the following job titles:

  • Brother/sister
  • Christian science practitioner
  • Deacon
  • Missionary
  • Monk
  • Nun
  • Pastoral animator
  • Religious education worker
  • Salvation Army field worker

How to apply for Religious or Charitable Work Visa?

To apply for Religious visa, applicants should be able to produce essential documents such as details about Canadian employer, offer letter from the employer, etc. In addition, they have to meet the fundamental health and character requirements. A Religious or Charitable visa is granted only when the sponsor and the applicant can produce the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Fees
  • Job offers or contracts
  • Documents that show the qualifications and experience of the applicant
  • Proof of identity
  • A copy of the current immigration document of the applicant, if applying within Canada
  • Any other documentation required to satisfy the Visa officer

How to Apply


If you are doing the duty of God, and there is a charitable organization who is willing to sponsor you whether paid or unpaid.


We can help you with either a Visitor record or work permit depending on your eligibility and help you with temporary residence for longer duration.


You can also bring your spouse and kids since the job of Priest is a highly skilled job and comes under NOC category A.

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    We had approached consultants in India to help us with our PR application. They were all interested in just getting the initial deposit rather than honestly guiding, whether we will be eligible or not. We got to know that we do not have enough CRS score to qualify. That’s the time we started exploring job offers. Fortunately, I got the Job of Religious Preacher and the institute suggested name of Stepwise. They swiftly completed our LMIA exempt work permit application and we landed in Canada recently.

    Gurdit Singh

    ( Religious Worker )