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Reasons To Extend Visitor Visa In Canada For Parents

November 29, 2022BY Admin

Reasons To Extend Visitor Visa In Canada For Parents: Seeking ways how long can I extend my visitor visa in Canada. Then why should you worry? Stepwise Immigrations is here to help you whenever you need it.

There are many visas available in Canada by which people can enter Canada. But one of the famous visas is the visitor visa. With this visa, parents can enter Canada and live with their children or grandchildren who have PR in Canada. But it also has such rules; if they need to stay longer, they must apply for a super visa. Therefore, there are many reasons to extend visitor visa in Canada for parents. It is a wise idea to meet the experts at Stepwise Immigrations to get more details about visitor record extension. Let’s dive into this blog and find out more about how to apply for visitor visa Canada.

Define Super visa Canada.

With the Canada Super visa, a multi-entry temporary visa, you can visit your children and grandchildren who are Canadian PR or citizens for two years. In the course of the visa’s validity period, which is a maximum of 10 years, you are allowed to enter Canada more than once.

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Canada Super visa requirements

The status of parents and grandparents of citizens of Canada can be maintained for five years without the need to renew it. If you face any visa difficulties, reach the best experts at Stepwise Immigrations. Our highly skilled team helps you get all details about visitor visa extension processing time.

  1. The form [IMM5257] (to be filled out outside Canada) must be completed and submitted.
  2. Consideration will be given to the financial situation of both the parents and the host.
  3. It is also vital to consider the general economic and political context.
  4. This is the letter that the host sent to invite you.
  5. There is a need for either parents or grandparents to provide financial support for their children (hosts) as well as meet the minimum income needs.
  6. Ensure that you have at least one year of Canadian medical insurance coverage.
  7. You must complete all requirements for a medical examination.

An invitation letter should contain the following information:

  • The full name of each parent and the middle name of each parent.
  • Your date of birth and the country in which you were born.
  • Name and address of parent/grandparent, as well as their phone number.
  • Having any kind of relationship with the host (a Canadian citizen or permanent resident).
  • A brief description of the trip’s purpose.
  • Does the parent or grandparent intend to stay for a specific time?
  • Accommodation details and contact information.
  • The date that the parent/grandparent plans to leave the country.

There are many reasons to extend visitor visa in Canada for parents. Take the aid of Stepwise Immigrations experts now. Take the help of our experts now to get visitor record extension.

How to apply for visitor visa Canada?

The applicant for a visa must submit their biometric data (photograph and fingerprints) when applying for a visa. It is possible to acquire a grandparent or parent super visa either by applying online or by contacting one of the following agencies:

  • Online
  • Paper

To complete the application, all the necessary documents must be sent regardless of the method chosen. According to the applicant’s circumstances, they may qualify for a multi-entry visa with a period validity of 10 years based on the applicant’s cases.

Applying the application online

The applicant should be prepared to provide the following documents if they choose to apply online for a super visa:

  • To make the uploading of the vital papers easier, make sure to have electronic copies or scanned copies on hand.
  • The payment must be made with a valid credit card to proceed.

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Applying the application via paper

Paper processes need manual work, including filling out forms, paying fees in Canadian dollars, etc. This entire process has been outlined in steps below to make it easier for you to understand it:

Step 1:

Once you have visited the official Canadian government website, you must download the application package.

Step 2:

Take the time to read the entire guide carefully to accustom yourself to all the instructions.

Step 3:

Please fill in the details on the form as accurately as possible. The applicant is required to provide the following facts as part of this process:

  • It is necessary to provide proof that they are a grandparent or parent to the person who wishes to visit them in Canada.
  • This can be a baptismal certificate, a birth certificate, or in other words, any official paper stating that the applicant is the parent of the applicant.

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Step 4:

It is also vital for an applicant to attach a few other papers, such as:

  • There should be a letter of invitation from the grandchild or child stating how many persons reside in their Canadian household and their plans for handling the care of those people.
  • You will need to apply if the grandchild or child can prove they meet the LICO (Low Income Cut Off) limit.
  • The proof of a good medical insurance plan in Canada covers a minimum of $100,000 for at least one year. It is also important to note that this Canadian health/medical insurance should cover the overall hospitalization costs, the healthcare plan, and the date of return home.

Step 5:

After applying for the super visa, you must pay the fee in Canadian dollars to receive the super visa.

Visitor visa extension processing time

A visa application will take a certain amount of time to process based on two important factors:

  • A candidate’s place of residence at the time of application.
  • A representative of the immigration authorities.

The processing time for most visa applications depends on the visa office. Still, it is usually no more than a few weeks.

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Looking for ways how to extend visitor visa in Canada. Don’t worry. Stepwise Immigrations is here to assist you all the time. We are the best experts, and our clients entirely rely on us. Meet our experts to get to know how long can I extend my visitor visa in Canada. Please make an appointment with our skilled team to get more facts.


Can I extend my parents visitor visa in Canada?

You are required to show visitor records to get a super visa or parent visa.

Can I extend visitor visa for my parents? 

Yes, you can extend visitor visas for parents, but you must fulfill all needs described by Canada.

What are valid reasons to extend tourist visa?   

The main reason for extending my stay in Canada is to live more in the nation. But you have to re-apply before your visa expires.

How long parents can stay on visitor visa in Canada?

Parents can stay up to six months with their family.