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BC Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia’s economic growth depends on having enough skilled and qualified people to meet labour market needs. The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a way for high-demand foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs to gain permanent residency in B.C.

Prominently there are two Streams. Skill immigration and entrepreneurial stream to support economic growth in BC. Skill immigration is Employer driven and helps in meeting the labour shortage to support running of business in BC. While Entrepreneurial or Business driven stream is to attract quality businessmen to set up business in BC and fuel the economic growth by bringing in Capital and fresh ideas. These businesses also help in employing local Canadians and that way help in reducing unemployment. Please find below various streams through which one can gain provincial nomination and a pathway to Permanent residence:

Skill Immigration:

Can be broadly classified into 3 different streams

  1. Skills Immigration Stream : Primarily employer driven stream. 
  2. Express Entry Skills Immigration Stream: Eligibility
  3. Tech Pilot Stream: Priority positions

Entry level and Semiskilled Stream:

Further has three major industries where BC PNP allows semi skilled workforce to come work and later convert them into permanent residence

  1. Tourism and Hospitality 
  2. Long Haul trucking 
  3. Food processing

International Post graduate Stream:

Excellent stream for qualified intelligent bachelor students to gain admission into specific Masters program which leads directly to Permanent residence without need of JOB OFFER.

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Entrepreneur Immigration -Regional Pilot

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot (EI – Regional Pilot) is focused on attracting entrepreneurs from around the world to establish businesses in regional communities.....

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Healthcare Professional Stream

British Columbia needs more health care professionals. The Skills Immigration (SI) – Healthcare Professional category of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) helps physicians, specialists, nurses and allied health professionals work in B.C. and gain permanent residence.

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BC Provincial Nominee Program Eligibility

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program also known as BC PNP says that the two year pilot is mainly intended to help distribute the economic benefits of immigration to B.C. But that has to be distributed more evenly across the province.

There are certain eligibility tests that the applicants have to cater to! In order to be eligible for the concerned post, the B.C. community should mandatorily have a population under 75,000. And they must be located 30 kilometres away from a city with more than 75,000 inhabitants. Most importantly, the eligible B.C. communities who are enrolled with the EI Regional Pilot are listed on the BC PNP Community Profiles page.

BC Provincial Nominee Program Benefits

  • The referee will benefit from a new immigration pathway that will help enhancing the economic growth in small centres throughout the province.
  • The pilot will have assurance of two years of work permit. As for the pilot, he will be delivered work permit for an initial period of two years.
  • It will provide a permanent immigration pathway for people who choose to live and work in B.C.

How to Apply


You will have to choose the region and business idea.


Do an exploratory visit and prepare a business plan.


Submit this to regional communities and obtain a referral and then apply for BC PNP.

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