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PR Services In Canada- All You Need To Know

October 31, 2022BY Admin

PR Services In Canada: International students are entitled to citizenship and educational choices in Canada. Learn and apply for working visas after pursuing higher education by reading on.

Canada, regarded as among the best places to study, work, & reside, is renowned for providing equal opportunity to all. Canada offers a luxurious standard of living because of its first-rate infrastructure, world-class academic institutions that offer a wide range of programs, and numerous employment options. Another factor contributing to the nation’s popularity among students is its pro-immigration policies.

Here Is a thorough explanation of why so many international students from around the world move to Canada to pursue the best course in Canada to get PR. The article explains how to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada following:- 

PR pathways in Canada through Studying

Many international students studying in Canada choose to settle there after graduation. There are many choices to study abroad who want to live permanently in Canada, which is excellent.

List of the Best Course in Canada to get PR

Universities in Canada provide a variety of courses that help students land jobs in prestigious corporations. The following are some of the best short-term and long-term PR programs in Ontario which will assist you in obtaining attractive opportunities and employment.

  1. Canadian Business Management Courses

The best programs in Canada for overseas students to take are those in business administration. These programs offer you the chance to select from specialties in managing projects, accountancy, finance, and MBA in Ontario. These programs are available from several Canadian colleges to help students achieve their leading, problem-solving, and long-term planning abilities. You can contact Stepwise Immigration because we can help you to choose the best colleges and get PR in Canada. We are the best consultants for Canada, and we offer a transparent and step-by-step guide in your entire process. 

  1. Courses in Economics and Finance

These courses are excellent career choices, given the importance of economics and finance to the Canadian economy. If you earn a degree or diploma in finance, you’ll have a deep knowledge of the operation and application of capital markets. You will have no difficulty getting employment when you arrive in Canada because financial and economics specialists are all in the growing market there.

  1. Canadian Engineering Courses

Among the best course in Canada to get PR is engineering. Engineering degrees are available for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. In Canada, some of the most well-liked engineering programs are:

  1. Medical and Health Programs in Canada

Canada is a leader in medical research and development compared to other nations, so studying medicine there would be an excellent option.

One year Diploma Courses in Canada for PR

Students in Canada get a unique chance to get a top-notch degree at a fair price. Are you thinking about How to get PR in Ontario after the 12th? Here is a list that lists the following one-year diploma available in Canada for PR:

Canadian short-term courses for PR

The table below lists some of the well-liked one-year courses in Canada for PR offered in Canada:

  • Short-term Software Engineering
  • Marketing Certificate
  • Human Resources Management Certificate
  • French Language Course
  • Finance Certificate
  • Professional Cook – Certificate Course

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Types of PR in Canada

Canada offers more than 60 programs, and here we have mentioned the best five Visa categories for professionals who can apply in 2022. Here are some Rules for PR in Canada for international students. 

  1. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Are you searching for How to get PR in Canada without studying? FSW or Federal Qualified Worker helps a skilled international worker gain permanent residency in Canada. The candidate should get the necessary amount of eligibility points that will be needed for the program. A minimum eligibility requirement is to get 67 out of 100 points for the FSW program. 

  1. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

CEC or Canadian Experience class program, which runs under Express Entry. This is the best way to get PR in Ontario. Factors like education, language proficiency, and age determine the program’s eligibility. 

The applicants should demonstrate that they must have 12 months of experience in Canada. The Work experience earned during the full-time study will not be counted.  

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs are the territories and provinces of Canada. Several Canadian provinces do talented immigrants to visit Canada to work and live permanently. 

An international student’s eligibility to qualify for just a PNP inside the province varies depending on where their academic degree was completed. Once they have received the recommendation for PR, they can apply for a residency permit with Canadian immigration.

  1. Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

The skilled professionals willing to live in Quebec should go through this district process to get PR in Canada, which is the easiest way to get PR in Canada. The applicants should apply for RSWP, even known as QSWP through the Quebec government. 

This program permits overseas candidates which good training and education to come to Quebec. The candidate will receive CSQ after earning the requisite points, which will help them apply for PR in Canada. Candidate should be able to speak, write or read in French is preferred for such a program.  

  1. Permits for Employment Following Graduation

An additional route to Canadian permanent residency is a post-graduate work visa. Most overseas students can stay in Canada and work for any company after completing their education at a designated learning institution (DLI). You can choose Stepwise Immigration because we will help you to understand the entire process and help you to reach your goal. We have visa experts who will help you to get into your dream college and help you to get PR in Canada. 

Through Provincial Nominee Program or Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or supported by a business, this expertise can help a person earn permanent residence in Canada (PNP).


You have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams of learning and working overseas thanks to Canada. That concludes our discussion of the most excellent program in Canada to help you obtain PR.

Do you intend to study and obtain PR in Canada? If you would like to know more regarding the finest route in Canada to get PR for you, speak with our knowledgeable Counselor. Contact our Stepwise Immigration professionals today to realize your goal!


What is the fastest way to get PR in Canada?

You can go for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) if you have enough experience, and if you have post-graduation, then you can go for the PGWP program, which will help you to get fast PR in Canada. 

Can I get Canadian PR after the 1-year course?

Yes, there are several one-year diploma courses in Canada to obtain PR. There are several one-year diploma course specializations like Human resource management, French Language Courses, Finance Certificates, etc. 

What courses are suitable for PR?

Several courses are suitable for PR in Canada, like management, engineering, medical, and finance courses. You can check out the courses above in detail. 

Where is it easiest to get PR in Canada?

You can choose Stepwise Immigration as the fastest and easiest way to get PR in Canada. Our experts can help you to reach your goal more smoothly.