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PR Consultant In Chandigarh- Helps You Settle In Your Dream Destination

July 23, 2022BY Admin

Pr consultant in Chandigarh : A Canadian study permit is a legal document the Canadian government offers international students to study in Canada; without this, a student can’t learn in Canada. Every individual who is planning to visit Canada needs to have a visa. For everyone applying for a permit to be in Canada, it is essential to have accurate knowledge about pr visas and information related to the key. If you don’t know enough, you can contact our PR consultant in Chandigarh to get your visa without any casualty. 

PR consultant in Chandigarh 

Migrating to Canada is in the limelight. Individuals of various countries think of visiting Canada permanently as the scope of getting success is very high. The Canadian government allows permanent residents in Canada to live, settle, and work with their families. If you also plan to pay in Canada, contact stepwise immigration and get your visa within a few days.

How to get permanent residence in Canada

We all know that Canada has a lot of giving immigrants. Professionals having good work experience can get excellent pay. You can also get additional benefits by being a permanent resident of Canada. There are several programs through which you can be a permanent resident of Canada.

Express entry

The main work of express entry is to manage Canadian residents under a few federal economic immigration programs. With the help of this Canadian government program, you can apply for a permanent residency.

  • FSD (skilled federal worker) – If you fall under the category of qualified professional having foreign experience, then you are eligible to apply under this program.
  • FST (skilled federal trades) – This program is for the people who are skilled workers qualifying for skilled trade.
  • Canadian experience class – If you work in Canada, you can apply to this program.

Business based immigration

There is an option available for business people and investors to get a permanent residence in Canada. They can start the process by creating a business and hiring an individual, or they can also begin by investing in the Canadian economy. Different categories of business immigration are as follows.

  • Self-employed
  • Start-up visa
  • Immigration investor

Experience class immigration

This program includes students or foreign workers who are staying in Canada with a student visa and want to become permanent residents. It considers their work experience or qualification, mainly their contribution to the Canadian economy or society. Skilled workers contributing to the nation are eligible for permanent residence in Canada.

You can apply under this program if you meet the following requirement. You plan to settle in Canada, but the problem is you don’t know how to start the process so that the visa officer can accept your application. Contact stepwise immigration, one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh. Our team members will guide you from the start to the end and give you updates about every small thing so that you don’t face any issues during the issue.

  • In the last three years, the experience of at least one year, either part-time or full-time.
  • Work experience with proper qualification
  • Must fulfill the language proficiency requirement.

Provincial nominee program

This program provides an excellent opportunity for people who want to stay in particular Canadian territories or provinces. If the province needs any profile like you, they will recommend your name for nomination and send you an offer letter for a PR application. If you fulfill all the requirements, you will receive a letter from them for further process. A few popular PNP programs are:

If you are facing difficulty understanding the processes, you can connect with our Canada PR consultant. Professionals working with our stepwise immigration have complete knowledge about Canada’s laws and norms. So they will fill out the form on your behalf and ensure you get a permanent residency visa without rejection.

Professions that are in huge demand in Canada?

Almost all the skilled workers are in huge demand in Canada, but some of the professions there stay in huge demand all the time, and they are:

  • Banker
  • Insurance
  • Technician
  • Teachers
  • Petroleum and mechanic engineer

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