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PGWP To PR Canada- All You Need To Know

November 15, 2022BY Admin

PGWP To PR Canada: As we all know, Canada offers global students the best teaching and immigration picks. Read this article if you wish to learn about how to get PR in Canada after study.

Believed one of the best nations in the world to study, work and live in, Canada is famous for offering equal chances to all. Canada offers a lavish lifestyle, infrastructure, and world-famous institutions offering education in different fields and career options. The main reason that Canada is the famous and favorite choice is due to its immigration-friendly policies. Thus, it is easy to get Canada PR after graduation. But you have to meet the rules to get PR.

Here is a detailed view of why global students are moving to Canada for higher studies and seeking to get PR. Looking for the Canada PR after graduation. Stepwise Immigrations is here to help you with the time you wish. This is because we are the immigration Canada post graduate work permit experts. In this topic, let’s dive into and learn more about PGWP to PR Canada.

What is Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

Graduates from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and gain work experience in Canada. It implies that international students may work anywhere with any employer with an open work permit. In addition to opening options for Canadian work experience, the PGWP is valid for eight months to three years. Stepwise Immigrations are the best experts that will help you to get an Ontario post graduate work permit without any hassles. We are the best experts in express entry post graduate work permit and offer help you will not find anywhere.

Eligibility for PGWP

Seeking after study work permit in Canada. Reach Canada’s best expert at Stepwise Immigrations. Before applying for a PGWP, a candidate must meet the following conditions:

  • The age of the applicant must be 18 years.
  • To qualify, candidates must have studied full-time in a program for at least eight months in Canada.
  • Students must have completed their studies at a DLI.
  • To qualify for a PGWP, global students must apply within 180 days of their program/course completion.
  • A student about to expire their study permit must first obtain visitor status and apply for the PGWP.
  • The PGWP program allows students to start full-time jobs directly after applying for it before their study permit expires.

Looking for the PGWP to PR experts, take the aid of Stepwise Immigrations.  Schedule a meeting with our experts now to learn more about PGWP to PR Canada.

How you apply for Canada graduate permanent resident

After you get sufficient work experience in Canada, many Global students can apply for PR in Canada. But before applying, you should take the help of Stepwise Immigrations. We are the best experts in Ontario post graduate work permit. You can take our service with how to apply for PR after PGWP. Here are the programs that students must know about:

  • Canadian Experience Class

The CEC is the best program for Canada graduate permanent resident. This program is run under the express entry immigration system. It is one of the fastest methods to get PR in Canada. Many factors determine your eligibility for this program, such as a language test, level of education, and age.

All applicants require a minimum of 12 months of work experience in Canada within the past three years. Or they can have an equal amount of part-time experience as well. An international student with specific work experience may consider the CEC an immigration option.

To meet the 12-month requirement, work experience earned during the full-time study is not counted. As a result, international students cannot use the work experience acquired during their studies to satisfy the CEC needs. It is not too difficult for you to have PGWP to PR Canada if you take the help of experts at Stepwise Immigrations.

  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Several provinces provide programs for international students who wish to enter Canada through their provincial nominee programs. Several areas offer programs for international students who want to join Canada through their regional nominee programs. There may be a difference in requirements among provinces. Work experience and a job offer may be required in some cases. Permanent residency applications under PNPs are typically processed faster than under other immigration options. This is the best immigration Canada post graduate work permit that enables you to PR soon.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

Express entry post graduate work permit is used to facilitate the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program. Applicants for the FSW program do not need to have prior work experience. In addition, CRS scores determine the ranking and invitations to apply for PR after studying in Canada.

  • Quebec Immigration Options

There may be differences between Quebec’s immigration system and those of other provinces. Quebec immigration programs aim to assist international students in applying for permanent residency in Canada. The PR program has two subcategories:

  • Quebec Experience Program (PEQ):

Students who have either finished their studies at a Quebec-based institution or will complete their studies within six months may apply for the program. International students must have refined French language skills to qualify for the PEQ program.

  • Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW):

A similar need to PEQ is that applicants for QSW must have previously studied at a Quebec-based institution or be about to do so. The QSW does not require them to prove their French language skills, but they should score and meet the QSW needs.

Looking at how to get PR in Canada after study. But do not fear. Stepwise Immigrations is here to help you because we are a highly skilled team of after study work permit in Canada.

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Papers needed for Canada PR visa

The documents, however, remain a mystery. There’s nothing to worry about. When applying for a Study Permit in Canada, handling papers is something you’re likely familiar with. For a smooth PR process in Canada, here are the papers you will need:

  •  Transcripts of academic records
  • Letters of Work Experience
  • WES qualifying reports
  • Results of the IELTS test
  • Having a valid passport
  • Evidence of medical clearance and police clearance
  • Identity of proof


Looking for PGWP to PR. Don’t worry. It is simple to reach the stepwise immigration office and find all the answers to your queries regarding how to apply for PR after PGWP. This is because we are a team of experts who have years of experience in managing after study work permit in Canada.


Can I get PR after 1 year PGWP?   

You can quickly get PR after one year of PGWP. Take the aid of Stepwise Immigrations to get to know more.

Can I get PR after work permit in Canada?

Work with a Canadian employer and receive a permanent employment offer from the employer to apply for permanent residency through the Federal Skilled Worker Program.   

 Can you apply for PR while waiting for PGWP?

 You may also be eligible for a bridging open work permit if you apply for permanent residency before your PGWP expires.