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Owner Operator LMIA Work Permit for Entrepreneurs

February 25, 2022BY Admin

The operator owner program includes a two-venture application process. In the initial step, the entrepreneur ought to apply to the ESDC office to acquire a positive LMIA. LMIA is the Labor Market Impact Assessment. In the wake of getting the positive LMIA, the applicant will be conceded an owner-operator LMIA work visa for Canada with the legitimacy of as long as two years.

When candidates get their work visas, they become qualified to apply for a long-lasting home through the IRCC EE Program.

Qualification Criteria Owner-Operator LMIA

 Like any government administration, the LMIA applications recipients need to fit the bill for the Owner-administrator LMIA program. Thus, the applicant must:

1. Be able to show that they are the sole owner or controlling investor in a Canadian business.

2. Show that they are ready to utilize one Canadian or super durable inhabitant.

3. Show that they would be in a senior administration position where they are not exposed to excusal, for instance, CEO or Director.

What is the LMIA step-wise application process?

The astute progression interaction to get an owner-operator LMIA in Canada is as per the following:

The candidate, as an independent proprietor:

Goes through a business and migration profile assessment. If you are thinking of staying for a longer stretch in Canada for work purposes, your medical history, along with an extensive medical background check, is performed.

Gets the extensive field-tested strategy and supporting business Intel.

Gets a responsive LMIA, given that it is positive, they utilize the positive LMIA to get a work license or work permit.

Makes the Express Entry portfolio and applies the WP to the profile.

Gets the challenge to apply for a long-lasting home (PR).

The Timeline

The owner-operator LMIA could be qualified for assisted help – ten (10) workdays handled by the ESDC. It would come under the need if the compensation proposed the proprietor is at or over the top 10% of wages procured by Canadians in the area where your occupation is located. For instance, we take 47.12 Canadian dollars per hour in Ontario. Inside the above-said period, an ESDC’s official audits the application structures, field-tested strategy, support records and behaviors a meeting with a Director of a Canadian organization.

The entrepreneur ought to apply for the work grant with an affirmation letter. Time fluctuates depending upon Immigration; overall, the time varies from one to six a month and a half. A work license can be given for up to two years. Assuming you are a first-time Owner Operator LMIA application, a work grant will probably be given for one year. The reasoning behind this is that an entrepreneur could demonstrate the suitability of business thought and afterward expand a work grant.

After Procedure of LMIA Approval

The method for getting a work grant after the endorsement of the LMIA is equivalent to for some other candidate under the TFWP or Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

When your work license is supported and has a positive response, you can begin working for your business and start making arrangements for a long-lasting home, very much like any other Canadian specialist/worker.

You can also make your Express Entry account and apply through the FSWP, which also stands for Federal Skilled Worker Program. With a bid for employment from your own business close by, you can undoubtedly meet all requirements for the 200 points accessible for EE candidates with a full-time recommendation for work from a Canadian manager and get an ITA as soon as possible.

If you want, on the other hand, you can pick a PNP stream for expert specialists and get the 600 points to support from common assignment and meet all requirements for the ITA for a long-lasting home.

It is vital to note that no lawyer or legal counselor can ensure that you will be effective at any progression in the LMIA applications. The legal consultant’s solidarity is that they offer you exceptionally experienced migration and business counseling experts with a demonstrated history and the essential permitting from Canada’s administrative bodies.