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New Changes in Latest BCPNP Draw

March 31, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

British Columbia’s economic growth depends on performance of businesses and in order to help local businesses BC PNP helps businesses to hire skilled foreign workers in order to fill the labour gaps. In order to meet this objective, BC PNP has multiple streams. Some of these streams were designed to encourage local businesses to hire foreign students who have acquired Canadian education and Canadian work experience.

With the growth of International students in BC, the competition has grown and now the SIRS scores have gone skyrocketing. It’s becoming difficult for many students to meet their objective of getting permanent residence using those two streams of BC PNP.

The latest BC PNP SIRS draw gave invitations to the lowest score of 106 In SI – International category and 110 in EEBC Skill immigration score. Which means the competition is growing with each passing day?

In 2018, 31% of total nominations came from international students who were already in Canada for higher studies. The absolute number of registrations in 2018 were 4689 and the nominated candidates were 2108. This was again 32% of total nominated applicants in 2018. While there were total of 58000 International students in 2018. These statistics show that only approx. 5% students got nominated amongst the total population of international students in BC.

In 2020, the total allocation for BC PNP is approx. 6500. If we go by same percentage this year as well. It would be about 2000 International graduates yet again this year. While the number of international graduates is growing every year.

BC pnp wants to help regions out of Lower mainland to grow. Hence the students who wish to gain permanent residence should start looking for jobs in regions other than lower mainland.

What should students do who wish to gain Permanent residence?

Students should try and work on following steps:

  1. Identify their core Skills and competence and find jobs in high skill jobs: As per BC PNP SIRS scoring matrix, the jobs that are part of Category O or A will give them maximum scores. For fresh students it is difficult to secure these jobs, but this is not impossible. Those interested to work on getting these jobs should first focus on the requirements and eligibility to secure these kinds of jobs. The best way is to look at the jobs on NOC index. The link to identify these positions is https://noc.esdc.gc.ca/Structure/Hierarchy/5277511dac664e47839551604e96c360?objectid=%2Fd0IGA6qD8JPRfoj5UCjpg%3D%3D . For example: Hr professionals, Marketing Professionals, Business Management professionals, Financial officers, security agents who sell or suggest securities, shares and bonds. Engineers, Civil, Geologists, Hydrogeologists, Architects, mechanical engineers, Chemical engineers, Mathematicians, computer engineers, web designers, database analysts, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, optometrists, University professors, lecturers, elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, marriage counsellors, employment counsellors, business development officers, librarians, authors, writers, editors, journalists, professional occupations in religion, musicians, dancers, actors, comedians, translators, interpreters and painters.
  • Work on their Language proficiency: Every student should identify the best language improvement institute or an instructor who can help them improve their language competencies. Its not just about spoken English, but about listening the American accent, reading and writing ability. The CLB scores give them higher scores and take them ahead of their fellow peers. In my opinion, moving from BC is not a solution, but improving their own self is in their best interest both from short- and long-term view.
  • Wages:  Wage is an important parameter in calculating the SIRS score. Wage is an outcome of above two factors. If someone makes himself more competent and valuable to his employer, the wage is a bye product. This eventually will increase and proportionally the SIRS score will improve.
  • Experience: There is a famous saying experience makes the man perfect. Same holds true for any professional or any person in any occupation. More experienced you are, better professional you become. Hence, this is one of the prominent factors to evaluate an individual. Sticking to one job is critical. More important is to identify yourself and your competencies as early as possible in your career. Choose the right profession, and make sure that you deliver best results to your customers and employers.
  • Education: Along with experience, language ability and occupation, education is another factor where, the prospective applicant can improve his or her scores. If someone has gained bachelor’s degree or if someone has 2 Year diploma. One should consider enrolling into correspondence program that can enable him or her to get the bachelors or master’s degree simultaneously. This can help students to achieve additional scores.
  • Region: Help the BC governments mandate and work in regions which are less populated and help economy of BC. Because you get additional scores in SIRS scoring system. Additional 8 or 10 points can make a difference in your fight with peers and this will help in economic development of BC province.

In order to calculate scores. One must go through the scoring pattern and evaluate himself. I would say, running away is not an option but working your way is the best option. If you need assistance, we at Stepwise immigration Services Ltd can help you in shaping your career. Our recruitment team and skill enhancement team can make you career ready, occupation ready, and job ready. We can also assist in your placement once you are career ready or Job ready for specific occupations.

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