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Learn all about LMIA Exempt Work Permits

A Labour Market Impact Assessment or more popularly called the LMIA is basically a document that is required to apply for most Canadian work permits. The work permit application is just the second step in any employer’s compliance regime.

The LMIA exempt work permits employment status remains “pending” in the Global Case Management System unless and until the work permit application is received. In fact, the offer and application are matched based on the passport number and the citizenship, mainly.

Significant benefits for LMIA exempt work permits

  • This category comes under the surveillance of the International Mobility Program and it includes significant benefits.
  • The LMIA exemption of the significant benefits provides the Canadian visa officers the flexibility for determining, if in any situation where another LMIA-exempt work permit category may not be an option, the balance of any practical consideration argues for the issuance of a work permit in a stipulated time that is shorter than needed to obtain a LMIA.
  • This kind of discretion is given to officers with a proper intention of addressing situations where the social, cultural, or economic benefits to Canada of issuing the work permit are crystal clear and compelling that the importance of the LMIA can be overcome.

Some important indicators given by government for significant benefit

  • Evidence of membership in organizations that look for excellence of its members.
  • The concerned applicant may also have been the judge for the work done by others.
  • The evidence of recognition in case of achievements and significant contributions to the field by other associates or peers.

Under International Mobility program there are many categories where you can get work permit without the need of LMIA, such as:

  • Religious Workers
  • Spouses of Students and temporary workers working in O, A and B category jobs
  • Investors under NAFTA and GATS where they can show there is significant economic benefit to Canada
  • Provincial Nominee recommended candidates
  • Working holiday or International Experience class
  • Intra company transferees

How to Apply


The employer uses the Employer Portal to submit employment offer directly to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada section of the webpage.


Foreign nationals can directly make an application for a work permit therein.


We extensively help identify such opportunities for those who can be eligible under these categories

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