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LMIA Exempt Work Permit : Things You Must Know

June 2, 2022BY Admin

Employees need to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to avail of most foreign-based employment in Canada. Nothing but the confirmation letter ensures the employer failed to get a Canadian citizen to fill the job position. Hence they are bound to employ foreign nationals. However, there are exceptions where the foreign nationals can receive lmia exempt work permit.

Read the article to get acknowledged about the LMIA exemptions. 

An introduction to LIMA exempt work permit

In closed LMIA exempt work permits, foreign employees can work for a particular employer in the specified position. They enjoy the significant benefits of LMIA exemptions. Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IPRR) act, LMIA exemptions are introduced. 

Different types of jobs exempt from LMIA

Canadian work permits are closed work permits, open work permits, and LMIA exempt work permits. Most work permits in Canada have closed work permits. It means that foreign workers need to work at a definite position and for a substantial employer listed under LMIA. On the other hand, open work permits let foreign nationals work in any job position regardless of employer and location in Canada. These jobs don't need an LMIA or job offer to apply for an open work permit. Closed LIMA exempt work permits are fallen in between the two of the above work permits. 

Potential opportunities under work permit without lmia Canada

Intra-company transferees 

In this work permit, international companies are used to transfer their most qualified employees to Canada except for the lmia exempt work permit. They showcase their potency in the delegated company so that it expands their exports and enhances the market value. 

Special contribution 

This work permit without lmia Canada can be valid if the employees can prove that their occupancy in Canada can significantly impact the country's economic, social, and cultural benefits. This important benefit is generally given to the following employees:

  • Self-employed engineers, technical workers, creative artists
  • Workers of Mobilite francophone 
  • Intracompany transferees with significant knowledge and skills that contribute to the economic good of Canada

Self-employed and business entrepreneurs

Foreign nationals can get a grant of LMIA exemption if they show their interest in temporary business operation in Canada and can exhibit social, economic, and cultural well-being for permanent residents of Canada. 

Reciprocal employees

This exemption is allowed in particular industries where foreign nationals can exert themselves in Canada. Similarly, the Canadians get to work in other countries. This work permit without lmia Canada is valid in employment sectors like professional coaches, athletes, guest lecturers, professors, and students where the exchange program is operated. 

International youth exchange program 

Under this program, young people can get to work in Canada without needing an LMIA. The young professionals with international job experience can positively contribute to Canadian development. 

Television and film industry workers

Foreign nationals involved in the film and television industries can start working in Canada with only a letter of support from the Canadian production company. The applicant needs to satisfy the immigration officer that his presence can significantly benefit t the economic and social benefits of the permanent residents of Canada. 

Performing artists 

The LIMA exempt work permit of foreign citizens allows the performing artists to contribute to opera, contemporary or ballet dance, and live theatre. It also gives reciprocal benefits to the Canadian citizens to exhibit their performance in the art organizations of other countries. 

International youth exchange program 

This program serves as the most significant opportunity for working professionals to gain life-changing experiences who prefer working abroad. Under this program, young professionals and international interns can get to perform. 

After-sales servicing professionals

 Workers associated with servicing and repairing commercial equipment are not required a LIMA work permit, and they are usually considered business visitors in Canada. The service person who comes to Canada to configure, install, provide training on the latest software, or attend the conference can be regarded as a business visitor. Hence, they also come under the LIMA exempt work permit. 

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Minister nominated exemptions

This work exemption is applied to unique situations where the discretion is made under the immigration minister. This includes guest lecturers, researchers, professors sponsored through the federal program, medical fellows, and other scholars winning academic awards from the end of Canadian institutions.

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