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lmia exempt open work permit : What You Need To Know

June 1, 2022BY Admin

Are you exempted from Labor Market Impact Assessment (LIMA)? If your answer is yes, you can get to work for any Canadian employer for a specified period. However, some open work permits are functional in Canada, limiting your job type or job location in a foreign country. A foreign national can apply for an open work permit from the outer side of Canada, within the country, or at the port of Canada. These open work permits are released to those individuals who get exemption from LIMA. Please find out more about lmia exempt open work permit through this article. 

Eligible individuals of lmia exempt open work permit

Here is the list of individuals who qualify for open work permits in Canada

  • Foreign citizens dwelling in Canada upon humanitarian background
  • Professional sportspeople entering Canada need another livelihood to finance themselves along with playing for the Canadian team
  • Participants of the World Youth Program 
  • Foreign nationals with zero source of income
  • Applicants of Permanent residents who are already living in Canada
  • Participants in the young worker exchange program 
  • Participants of the International student exchange scheme
  • Foreign citizens presently staying in Canada whose work permits will expire soon and have already applied for PR
  •  Family members of foreign agents who have an exemption from LMIA 
  • Legal partner of foreign students
  • Legal partner of skilled worker inhabitants

Different kinds of open work permit

There are two types of lmia exempt open work permits in Canada: unrestricted open work permits and occupation restricted open work permits. 

In the unrestricted open work permit, the foreign citizen doesn’t have any restriction to work regardless of the employer or job location. This open work permit is given to eligible workers who have completed the medical examination. This unrestricted work permit can be designated to those applicants who don’t have any other source of income or the part of PR applicants. 

In the occupation restricted work permit, the eligible person has the freedom to work for any Canadian employer, but the job type will be particularized. Here the restriction is mainly applied due to the inability of the eligible workers to complete the medical exam. Therefore, these particular work permit holders are restricted from working in the healthcare industry, farming, primary and secondary school teaching job, and childcare. 

Processing time of lmia exempt work permit

People who don’t need LMIA for a work permit in Canada can complete their process within two weeks. For that, you have to meet the following requirements:

Must apply from outside of Canada

The job type must be professional or managerial under the National Occupational Classification scheme.

The employer must submit the offer of employment through the Employment portal and have paid the compliance fee.

Remember that due to the ongoing COVID-19 phase, the lmia exempt work permit processing time can be delayed. 

What proceedings are mandatory for the early processing of lmia exempt work permits?

If you want your lmia exempt work permit processing time will not to exceed two weeks, along with your family members, you have to do the needful as follows:

Make an online application for residing outside of Canada

Submit the correct application along with reports of necessary medical exam

Put forward police certificates

Present certified translations of documents not written in French or English

Submit biometric results 

Pay the total processing fees

What are the causes of the delay of lmia exempt work permit?

Your lmia exempt work permit processing time gets delayed if 

Opt for submission of paper application

Don’t submit a complete application

Apply from living inside the country

Forget to submit documents from the local visa office as per instructions

Don’t have eligibility to use via Global skills strategy

Submit a global experience Canada application 

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