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IRCC News- All You  Need To Know

November 7, 2022BY Admin

Eager to know about IRCC updates for international students. Then you are reading the right blog. As we all know, Canada is famous worldwide due to its policies and rules. Studying in Canada and PR in Canada is always a dream of every student. But due to the pandemic, lives have entirely changed, and the Canadian government made some new changes to the rules. They are planning to give entry to maximum settlers in 2025. Therefore, you need to learn about the IRCC new update. And these facts are very vital for every immigrant. There is always a need for change in rules due to different situations. Wishing to hear more about IRCC latest news. Don’t wait anymore. Make a call to Canada’s best experts at Stepwise Immigrations. We will provide you with every tiny detail regarding IRCC news for international students that you must know.

Why Canada Needs Immigrants and what is IRCC latest news?

Canada is always ready to welcome settlers, but this time the nation wishes to have a great level of immigration to keep its economy alive. Thus, it is the IRCC news update.

In the world, Canada has one of the oldest folk and also has the world’s lowest birth rate. Therefore, it creates fiscal and financial stress. The natural people growth in Canada is low, which results in low growth rates for the labour force and economy. Due to the country’s low economic growth, raising taxes to support social spending in various areas is often difficult. It includes education, health care, and other critical areas that provide locals with high living norms. Call our team now to get the latest IRCC news. Our team will ensure that you get the IRCC new update today.

Since the late 1980s, Canada has increased its immigration levels to increase its population, labour force, and economic growth. Most of Canada’s folk and labour force growth is attributed to immigration, as is a greater share of the country’s economic growth.

The number of baby boomers who will reach retirement age in Canada by 2030 is expected to reach 9 million. There will be fewer workers in Canada at a time when the nation’s social costs of health care will increase. Over the past 30 years, Canada has gradually increased its immigration targets to alleviate this challenge.

For instance, Canada has welcomed over two lakh immigrants per year since 1988. It has decided to boost its levels to over 4 lakh per year in the recent year. The immigration rate in Canada is now around 1.1%. Compared to the United States, Canada welcomes three times more immigrants per capita.

It is supposed that Canada will continue to gradually boost its immigration level shortly due to its demographic realities and immigration trends. For the country to remain fiscally healthy, immigration will remain an essential factor. Stepwise Immigrations offers our clients IRCC Twitter update.

Additionally, a strong idea can be made that immigration has become more critical since the Coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak temporarily weakened the Canadian economy and increased government social services spending. Furthermore, the birth rate in Canada in 2019 fell to its lowest level ever at 1.47 children per woman. Because Canada’s birth rate was already down, there is a chance that the pandemic will further drop due to economic fate. Thus, it will become even more reliant on immigration to grow its people. In decades to come, migration will donate even more to Canada’s labour force growth if the birth rate remains low. As a result of COVID-19, Canada needs to increase its tax base to support government spending. Want to get the latest IRCC news? Reach out to Stepwise Immigrations today. We are the best Canada immigration agents who have every detail of IRCC news for international students.

IRCC medical update

He added that this new measure would help provide faster processing and would benefit more than 1,80000 applicants in Canada.

The Canadian government has declared to waive off medical exams for 1,80000 PR and TR applicants already in the nation. This IRCC medical update will help a lot of people in Canada.

IRCC Twitter update says if an applicant meets specific criteria and is already in Canada, they are exempt from immigration medical examinations. This new state will offer fast processing and will help more than 1,80000 migrants in Canada, according to Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.

It facilitates the process of obtaining temporary or permanent residency for eligible foreign nationals faster.

The following are exempt:

  • From within Canada, an application for PR or TR or a PR visa
  • Medically cleared for immigration and has not posed a risk to public health or safety or has reported to public health powers for monitoring, as required.

Facing difficulties in finding IRCC visa updates, take the aid of our experts at Stepwise Immigrations.  This is because we are eager to help our clients get updates on IRCC international students. With this, they can make their plans and rest. We will help them with the visa file and IRCC news update.

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IRCC new updates for international students

Stepwise Immigrations are here to offer you the IRCC PPR update. We are ready to help our clients with IRCC new updates for international students.

  • CIC News reported that Canada will gain 753,000 study permit holders from 2022-2023, which means that it will be able to offer more opportunities to international students.
  • Students from many countries will also be able to fast-track study permits through Canada’s Student Direct Stream (SDS).
  • To manage the labour shortage in Canada, Canada will also boost international students to transition to permanent residency.
  • Data on backlogs will be published monthly by Canada’s immigration authority to assist international students.
  • Those who have applied for a study permit in Canada can temporarily work off-campus for over 20 hours per week.


Seeking to find more facts about IRCC updates for international students. Take the aid of the best team at Stepwise Immigrations. We are the best provider of IRCC PPR update to our clients. Thus, it makes us the best Immigrations experts in Canada. Then don’t wait anymore. Schedule a meeting with our expert team to find out details about IRCC news today.


Is IRCC still processing applications?       

Yes, applications are being processed but got delayed due to the pandemic.

What is new on IRCC? 

Canada is planning to have more settlers in the upcoming years.

Does 2022 have TR to PR?     

Yes, 2022 will have TR to PR, and Canada aims to have 40,000 immigrants next year.

How long does IRCC application take?   

IRCC will take around eight days to process your application

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