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IRCC New Pathway Updates – What You Need To Know

October 27, 2022BY Admin

You will feel happy when you come to know about the IRCC new pathway updates revealed on September 20, 2022. The program aims to provide more pathways for temporary foreign workers and global students to become permanent national residents. Looking for the IRCC new update for TR to PR pathway. Contact our highly expert team at Stepwise Immigrations. We will provide you with every tiny detail about TR to PR pathway update CIC that is vital for you.

In terms of specifics, the strategy offers little sense of upcoming changes and is more of a high-level overview.

No substantial changes are being made to improve the shift from temporary to permanent residency. To improve changes from temporary to permanent residence, IRCC outlines five pillars.

Talk to the expert Stepwise Immigrations teams to get more facts about IRCC updates new pathways. This blog will help you to learn more about the TR to PR pathway update CIC.

Pillar 1

Make the most of record-high immigration targets

Pillar 1 is to supply Canada with a larger, permanent workforce by increasing immigration levels targeted in the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan. This plan aims to create more chances for temporary workers to become PR in Canada. And they will aid workers’ needs and power Canadian financial growth after covid 19. The Canadian state plans to welcome more settlers in the coming three years. With more than 430,000 permanent residents expected this year, and more than 450,000 by 2024, the number of new permanent residents has been increasing. Stepwise Immigatrions experts are here for you with exact details about IRCC updates TR to PR pathway. We believe in offering TR to PR pathway new update straight from IRCC to our clients directly. Contact us for more details now.

Pillar 2

A more flexible immigration selection tool and better Express Entry

This provides a better view of the direction of travel IRCC will enhance TR to PR.

However, the IRCC new update for TR to PR pathway will be carefully assessed. And they will use this same inside two other programs as well. Therefore, it will result in a bigger change to express entry.

So, this might show that IRCC is not necessarily seeking to copy the TR to PR pathway. Instead, it looks to improve Express Entry and try to be able to target temporary residents with the skills and traits it wishes.

Also included in this pillar is a recap of the newest edits to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. By amending the law, IRCC could target candidates with specific attributes such as specialized education and Canadian work experience. According to the report, IRCC is studying how best to use the new flexibility to reach its goals. Execution will likely begin in Spring 2023. Wishing to have vital facts about IRCC updates TR to PR pathway, call our team at Stepwise Immigrations. We are the best immigration experts in Canada.

Pillar 3

Enhance the permanent economic immigration program and pilot program

  • The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system will be adopted a new version. With the new NOC system, IRCC can take a more nuanced approach and extend eligibility to a broader range of occupations.
  • Relating to foreign capabilities, edits have been made.
  • Existing pilot program enhancements: Agri-Food pilot and caregiver programs.
  • Facilitating the transition of physicians from temporary residents to permanent residents.
  • Enhancing the shifting process for global students. A binding oath provides clearer pathways for global students to obtain permanent residency. To put international students on the path to permanent residence, IRCC has been testing new approaches, such as giving them more time to gain work experience. The International Student Program review will apply lessons learned from those policies.

Stepwise Immigrations are here for you to inform you about the TR to PR pathway new update straight from IRCC. This is because we believe in offering the truth to our clients without any hidden charges and lies. Reach our team to learn more about IRCC updates TR to PR pathway.

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Pillar 4

Promote newcomer recruitment and retention in districts

The name of pillar 4 is to support communities in luring and having newcomers. It includes French immigrants. The government will support Francophone minority societies outside Quebec. They will support communities via policies that aim to fulfill a 4.4% French-speaking immigration goal by 2023.

In addition, a new Municipal Nominee Program (MNP) program will help cities address their local labour needs by attracting and retaining newcomers. The government also continued to team with areas and territories and employees. This is a new way to attend permanent residency in Canada. Talk to the highly skilled team today at Stepwise Immigrations to find the crucial details about IRCC new pathway updates.

Pillar 5

Improving functional ability

This pillar ensures that ITCC has all the power to process applications within a period. And to accommodate alterations to the Express entry process intimated on other pillars, IT systems are updated to make the process easier.

The immigration minister has set a 120-day deadline for a new permanent residency pathway for international students and foreign workers. To smoothly switch from temporary to permanent residence, it is best to prepare for the new path ahead of time. The immigration minister has expressly referred to the 120 days as a deadline to set up a new permanent residency pathway for global students and foreign workers. So, the smart thing to do is to train for the new path so that you can quickly transition from temporary to permanent residence. Working with an immigration expert in these situations can be very helpful. It is best to avoid trying to pass through the rule of the pathway. You can use a highly skilled and expert team like stepwise Immigration. Our team is always able to assist you and ready to help throughout the clock.


Looking for the IRCC new update for TR to PR pathway. It is now easy for you to find all details about TR to PR pathway update CIC from Stepwise Immigrations. Our expert team is always available to help you whenever you need us.


Is there new TR to PR pathway coming?  

It will focus more on immigration to global students and TWs.

Is TR to PR pathway open again in 2022?

It will now come for 2023-2024.

What is new on IRCC?

Canada will grant 30000 PR to people.

Is IRCC still processing applications?       

Yes, they are still processing the applications.