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Intra Company Transfer and its functions

Intra company transfer is one such company that transfers an item, or even an employee to work temporarily in a different office, mostly in some other country.

In case the transfer requires that their employee has to move to a different company, a special "intra-company transfer work permit" has to be issued without fail

About Intra Company Transfer Immigration program

  • When we are talking about Canada immigration, this ICT immigration program allows workers from abroad in order to obtain an intra company work permit in Canada.
  • The employees who have specialized knowledge or the ones who are working in the positions of executives or senior managers and functional managers may also qualify under the program.

Qualifications required applying in the company

For applying at Intra Company Transfer Immigration, the following people can surely cater to all the norms and criteria required.

  • The executives who perform direct management or major components and also functions of the business, while receiving only general supervision or direction from other executives, directors or shareholders.
  • The Managers who supervise and have full control over the work of other managers or supervisors, or even manage the essential functions within the business or a division.
  • People with specialized knowledge, where the person concerned must have proprietary knowledge and advanced expertise of the product or service of the company.

The intra-company transferee program is a beneficial program altogether. It basically allows the people to temporarily work in Canada. This program’s designed for Canadian Corporate Immigration mainly allows the multinational companies with a branch, parent company, affiliate or subsidiary in Canada to temporarily transfer foreign workers.

How to Apply


One requires the documents that will prove the fact that the foreign worker has been employed officially. He also has to be employed currently, as a full-time employee at the company for at least one year.


The current transferee’s job description or the evidence of specialized knowledge has to be shown. The person also needs to show the job description of the position in Canada.


The time period of the intra-company transfer and also the proof of the relationship between the company in Canada and the foreign country are required.

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