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Immigration Consultant Ottawa – What You Need To Know

August 19, 2022BY Admin

Canada is a land of abundance and opportunities. While you are planning to immigrate to Canada and settle, it is best to take the help of the best immigration consultant Ottawa. You should stay assured of flying to Canada without any hassles. Now turn your dreams into reality with assistance from the best Canada immigration agency. We at STEPWISE Immigration Services LTD leave no stone unturned to give wings to your dreams.

Reasons to contact the best immigration consultant Ottawa

There are many benefits of taking guidance from the best agent immigration Canada. We deliver what we promise. It is very confusing for willing applicants to understand all the rules and regulations for Ottawa immigration. You need to apply as per your qualification and interest. Any wrong input and wrong submission of documents can reject the application. At STEPWISE Immigration Services LTD, the dedicated team of experts will discuss the purpose of immigration with you. We will understand your need and decide on the category of application.

The types of immigration

You may be looking for Express entry or want to sponsor your spouse. Again, to study in Canada and settle there, you need a student Visa. If you want to work as a caregiver or invest in Canada and start a business, you must apply in the respective class. Each class has different norms, rules and regulations, and documentation. As a willing immigrant, it isn’t easy to look into every aspect and apply accordingly. Thus, one of the best Canada immigration registered consultants can significantly help in the process.

Do the free assessment

We are one of the best and hold a Canada immigration agent license issued by the competent authority and assist willing emigrants in the application process. Like all the top Canada authorized immigration consultants, we also do a free assessment of your eligibility to immigrate to the country. We never give false promises.

At STEPWISE Immigration Services LTD, we look into all your documents, verify your financial and social status and check your credentials. If our team of expert lawyers in the immigration office Ottawa is satisfied with every aspect, then only we ask the applicant to apply. The lawyers of immigration consultant Ottawa are aware of the changing rules of Ottawa as per Government decisions from time to time and thus ready to meet all the challenges in the application process.

Thus if you are looking for the best Ottawa immigration services, it is time to be in touch with a reputed consultant, and your search will end with us. Let us do a free assessment of your immigration ambitions.

Stay assured

As you plan for immigration Canada Ottawa, get in touch with us at STEPWISE Immigration Services LTD for efficiency, excellence, and efficiency. Our team members give personal attention to all aspiring immigrants and transparently do the needful without any glitches. It is like beating our drum, but our motto is customer first.

 With almost zero rejections of applications made under our supervision, we have earned the reputation of the best immigration Ottawa service provider. Contact the reputed consultant so that you can sail through the process. Get hold of the best Ottawa immigration office contact number like ours and feel the difference. Always be in touch with a reliable consultant for genuine opinion and guidance.

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How much does an immigration consultant charge in Canada?

The immigration charges vary according to the class of immigration. For temporary residence, it is around the Can $ 500, and again for FST through Express entry; it can be as high as Can $ 4500. For spouse and child sponsorship, it is between $ 2000 to 5000. A leading consultant can guide more on the subject.

Which immigration consultant is best in Canada?

There are many consultants for immigration in Canada. However, take assistance from a reputed consultant with a valid license.  

How do I find a good immigration consultant?

You can surf the internet, ask your friends and relatives who have already migrated to Canada and get information, contact good consultants like STEPWISE Immigration Services LTD, and turn your dreams into reality.

How much does an immigration consultant make in Ontario?

A sincere and reputed immigration consultant can earn around Can $ 75000 in a year, which is the average earning, and many of the best consultants in Ontario earn more.


Consult the best immigration consultant to immigrate to Canada without any hassles and with proper documents. Please pick up your phone, be in touch for more information, and act according to our advice.