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Immigration Consultancy Surrey BC

September 8, 2022BY Admin

For the past few years, Canada has been experiencing a labor shortage tremendously. Therefore, the government welcomes more skilled immigrants into the country to offer them enriched lives. In this land of possibilities, citizens enjoy so much freedom and social support that they soon become Permanent Residents of the country. It would be all worthwhile to work with the most trustworthy consultants to avail of the visa to Canada efficiently. Once you have acquired all the skills for relocating to Canada, get connected to Stepwise Immigrationthe reputed consultant firm immigration surrey BC. 

Canada Immigration Surrey BC

You might notice an increasing trend of opting for immigration surrey, Canada in last few years. These reasons are:

  • According to the United Nations, Canada has been ranked number one in living a quality life.
  • Canada officially has promoted multiculturalism that ensures the social rights of the Immigrants.
  • Compared to other countries, there are the lowest crime cases in Canada. Thus citizen expects high safety and reduced social issues, including racism.
  • With only a 6.5% unemployment rate, the country is moving towards having the most prosperous economy leaving behind the other big nations.
  • In Canada, citizens avail of social services like child tax benefits, a universal healthcare system, old age security, unemployment insurance, and many other free benefits. 
  • With affordable living costs, the city expects a high level of free education till the university level.
  • The country’s job market welcomes more immigrants for rapid progression in careers.
  • The citizens enjoy individual rights as well as the freedom that is fully protected by Canadian law and order.

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What Are The Basic Requirements For Getting Canadian Citizenship?

To acquire Canadian citizenship, a person must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have adequate knowledge of French or English
  • Have Canadian permanent residentship
  • Need to live in the country for a minimum of 1095 days before signing the application
  • Not getting prohibited for a criminal offense
  • Not facing any removal order
  • Attend an oath ceremony of citizenship 

How Long Does The Application Process For Citizenship To Canada Take Place?

There’s no fixed processing time; thus, each case of immigration surrey BC requires different timing to complete the entire process. However, a typical citizenship grant takes a minimum of six months to one year. Once you apply for citizenship, you need to wait to take the test. Over the years, the Canadian government has lessened the application processing time to help applicants quickly become Canadian citizens. With some effective practices, it is possible to accelerate the entire happening. 

  • Submission of the complete application
  • Payment of government fees on time, followed by all the regulations
  • Proper filling of application 

Regardless of the processing time, applicants should play their role so that the application submitted is completed. 

Is There Any Benefit To Hiring A Regulated Immigration Consultant For Immigrating To Canada?

The immigration process is time-consuming, stressful, as well as confusing. On making a single mistake, the entire process will get delayed. If your application is misrepresented, you might bear a ban of 5 years from applying for Canadian Visa. Therefore, it is advantageous to contact an approved and certified surrey immigration consultant who will guide you in getting PR in Canada. These consultants have a basic understanding of the overall visa system. Therefore you get assistance for

  • Educating yourself about all the available options that you might not know before
  • Completing all the documentation correctly and timely
  • Making a direct connection with the immigration authorities and Canadian employer
  • Strengthening the application of immigration surrey BC with personalized strategies 
  • Staying up-to-date about the immigration policies and requirements of the highly qualified consultants

Hire The Top Surrey Immigration Lawyers For A Seamless Move To Canada

Stepwise immigration is your one-stop solution for getting a timely pass for immigration to Canada. We are a team of skilled workers who constantly provide our clients with the best interests to reach worldwide. Through our online consultations, each immigration consultant surrey BC makes sure to help the people find the appropriate immigration program for successful exile. 

To secure your immigration to Canada, we suggest only the best ways for you. At Stepwise Immigration, we provide 24/7 customer support via email, thorough guidance from trained agents, stepwise assistance to get ready for any inquiry, and the most straightforward techniques for successful shifting to Canada. If your immigration has already got delayed, you can contact our surrey immigration office with all the relevant documents, and we will ensure the earliest visa approval. For more detailed information, check our site stepwiseimmigrations.com and secure your movement to Canada.