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Immigration Backlog Canada – All You Need To Know

November 9, 2022BY Admin

As we all know, Canada is famous worldwide due to its policies and strict guidelines. But Canada has always been a dream of everyone to have permanent residency in Canada. But as time changes, things become more difficult for the public, and they face issues getting PR for Canada. The main problem arose after the pandemic, resulting in a big loss of jobs and Canada’s economy. However, the Canadian government has made some changes in the immigration backlog Canada to boost the process of PR for Canada. Thus, it results in a huge benefit in Canada PR backlog for immigrants. Do not roam here and there if you have a Canada express entry backlog. Get some time and meet our experts today at Stepwise Immigrations. We are the best immigration experts and help clients with a Canada visa backlog. Let’s read more on this topic about the immigration backlog Canada.

To reduce backlogs in immigration, IRCC has released an action plan.

Honorable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, has offered an update on immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada’s ongoing efforts to tackle application backlogs. In addition, he has also shared some facts on how Canada plans to update its immigration system to meet unusual applicant demands. Stepwise Immigrations experts will help you if you have any Canada visa with 40 backlogs. We are always ready to help our clients as we believe in helping our clients anytime. Meet our experts today at our office to find more facts about Canada express entry backlog.

Inventories with backlogs

As a result of humanitarian crises and pandemic-related upsets, IRCC is facing notable delays in processing applications due to what the Minister has defined as “unusual interest in Canada as a destination for newcomers from around the world.” Recent months have seen the department hassled its efforts to reduce backlogs, which are applications that have been in the system for longer than expected. As a result of the Minister’s new report, applicants have now more details on how to predict this plan to work.

IRCC will hire an extra processing team

You will be happy to know that IRCC is planning to hire up to 1300 new workers to boost their labor power and tackle the backlog Canada immigration. As part of the Economic and Fiscal Update 2021, IRCC received an additional $85 million in funding. By hiring more processing staff, current average processing times will be reduced, and the norms of pre-pandemic service will slowly be patched.

There will be an update in standard processing time

The latest reports stress specific critical areas in which pre-pandemic benefit bars will return very soon. It includes a Canada express entry backlog, which will return to a six-month service bar. And there will be a 12-month service standard for Spousal Sponsorship. Take the aid of Stepwise Immigrations today to get your Canada visa with 40 backlogs. We are the best experts in Canada who are always ready to help our clients.

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Changes to eligibility needs and program delivery

Furthermore, IRCC is improving existing tools and enforcing new policies to lower application processing times. There have been marked changes, including:

Applicants living in Canada and meeting specific criteria are exempt from the Immigration Medical Examination need:

The change will be executed in TR and PR applications in the coming weeks.

  • Applications for Spousal Sponsorship may be interviewed virtually:

Virtual interviews are open to applicants who are unable to attend in-person interviews. Furthermore, the bureau raised a pilot project that will allow applicants for Spousal Sponsorship (to be announced soon) to conduct virtual discussions rather than going to an overseas visa office.

  • Applications for permanent residence in digital format:

IRCC will begin shifting to 100% digital PR applications to update the delivery of permanent residence programs.

Among the enhancements to the online citizenship application tool are the following:

Applicants seeking residency can now apply together through the online citizenship portal. In addition, they can do virtual rites last year and take digital citizenship tests. The system will be updated by the end of this year to include minor applicants.

  • Applicants will have access to their application progress

IRCC plans to post a monthly data report online to keep the applicants in a form on the headway of the backlog list. Furthermore, A tracking system for PR applications via sponsorship was introduced by IRCC in February 2022. In Spring 2023, this status tracking system will be expected to have seven additional PR and TR programs. For two years, applicants have been greatly affected by uncertainty related to application processing times. The IRCC admits this hindrance and notes that further advances will improve the accuracy of the info. As a result, they aim to provide applicants with an estimate of when the application will be processed, increasing predictability for them. Eager to find info about Canada immigration backlog news. Take the aid of now from Stepwise Immigrations experts.

  •  Statistics and targets for immigration

Despite the backlog, there is still a backlog of permanent and temporary residence applicants at IRCC. Over 275,000 permanent residents have been admitted to Canada since the start of this year. Compared to the previous year, this number has been reached in the fastest timeframe. The number is also more than halfway toward IRCC’s goal of admitting 431,000 permanent residents this year. The number of work permits issued during the same period surpassed 349,000, and the number of study permits issued exceeded 360,000. Furthermore, these numbers exceed the last records in a great way.

Reach our team today to meet the experts and get ready to fly a Canada visa with 40 backlogs.

  • Contributing to the economic growth of Canada

IRCC recognizes the importance of improving Canada’s immigration system in implementing this plan. By doing so, more newcomers will be able to enter Canada, whether as students, temporary workers, or permanent residents. Canada will benefit from a stronger arrival system and will be able to address its existing labor dearth. Wish to have more data about the backlog Canada immigration. Meet the best team in Canada at Stepwise Immigrations.


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Why is Canadian visa taking longer 2022?         

This pandemic is also responsible for the sudden surge in visa applications.

How long does it take to hear back from Immigration Canada?    

It will take about 30 days to hear back from Immigration Canada.

What is Canada Immigration backlog?

It means that the application takes a long time to process. There is no reply from the immigration service after 180 days.

What is the current wait time for PR in Canada?

The waiting time for PR in Canada is about six months.