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ICCRC Registered Consultants In Delhi

ICCRC Registered Consultants In Delhi

ICCRC Registered Consultants In Delhi : Canada is one of the hotspots for many people wanting to migrate to fulfill their dreams. The country has opened its doors to skilled professionals, students, and others to immigrate, contribute to the economy, and enhance their financial status. If you want to join the bandwagon, it is best to be in touch with any of the office-bearers of ICCRC registered consultants in Delhi working with Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd. The Canadian Government has appointed Canada regulatory council ICCRC to safeguard the interest of the willing immigrants and not fall prey to touts and illegal consultants and lose their bounty.

How ICCRC registered consultants in Delhi can help you?

There are various types of Visas issued by the Canadian authority. It can be a tourist visa, pr visa, study visa, family class, CEC, FST, and many others. It isn’t easy to apply without knowing the category of Visa you need to get permanent residency status in Canada. A Visa application without proper class knowledge can get your application rejected. Thus, taking the help of Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd can provide support and guide you in each step to get the correct Visa without delay and fly out of the country and settle in Canada.

Taking the help of the best immigration consultants in Delhi like Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd can help you apply for the Canadian Visa through the right portal and upload all supporting documents, so your application is not rejected. The Canadian Government’s emigration authorities scrutinize each of the immigration applications and only approve those they feel are genuine and correct. They may often ask for additional supporting documents to prove their eligibility. It often becomes confusing for the applicants to upload valid supporting documents per their visa criteria. Thus, a Visa consultant for Canada like Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd can look after the entire process and help the applicant sail through and obtain a visa to immigrate to Canada.

How to check the credentials Of Visa consultants in Delhi?

If you roam the roads of Delhi, you will find many Canada immigration consultancy service providers on almost every corner. However, stay cautious and do not fall prey while looking at the tall claims. Though it is not mandatory to register with ICCRC, the best immigration services provider for Canada, like Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd, should always be preferred to stay safe and prevent being looted for the Visa. The Canadian Government authorizes the registered agent in Delhi to work on their behalf in assisting visa applications, and you can stay confident taking services from them.

If you want to verify the license of the authorized agent, ask for the ICCRC number and the RCIC number, visit our website and fill in the RCIC number in the desired field, and then proceed by clicking the search tab. Thus, in this way, you can verify the agency and proceed in dealing with the agent for the Canadian Visa.

Thinking of the benefits of processing your visa application through authorized agents? 

There are multiple benefits of taking the help of the consultants of Canada regulatory authority. An agency like Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd has a team of lawyers in their panel who are well versed in Canadian immigration laws. Thus our legal teams are aware of the latest rules and regulations and prepare the documents on behalf of the applicant to complete the application. We also follow up on the immigration process and leave no stone unturned to satisfy the immigration authorities so that the applicant gets the requisite Visa without rejection. 

Although the applicant’s visa application for Canada needs to be done, Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd’s executives help them sail through the entire application process. The consulting agency leaves no stone unturned and verifies all credentials for eligibility before applying for a visa. The legal experts in the firm ensure that every document is perfect, so there is no chance of rejection. Taking the help of unscrupulous agents or trying to act smart without taking professional service from a reputed agency can increase the likelihood of rejection to a much extent. If the application is rejected several times for false documentation and declarations, the immigration authorities may impose a lifetime ban on the applicant. 


One should always act judiciously while applying to immigrate to Canada. Though the country is embracing competent people to immigrate permanently, share their knowledge and strengthen their economy, the immigration authorities are strict on verifying credentials and reject any application for minor mistakes. Therefore, it is best to take the services of a registered agent and proceed without any flaws. Speaking of the best agencies, the first name that almost all applicants mention is Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd. Contact the best agency to fly permanently to Canada. It is time to fulfill your dreams with us, the best immigration agency by your side.  

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