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November 14, 2022BY Admin

The main query that comes to every student mind is Can I apply for open work permit after PGWP. Canada is a famous nation that has strict policies and laws. But as time changes, Canada is giving some relaxation to lure more students into raising their economy. If you wish to stay in Canada, extend post graduate work permit as it gives you more chances to work in Canada and earn handsome money. Seeking for the best open work permit after PGWP experts. Reach the office of Stepwise Immigrations today to extend your permit soon. This is because we are experts with years of experience handling different cases. In this blog, let’s read about how to stay in Canada after PGWP expires.

What is PGWP?

The post-graduation work permit (PGWP) enables you to work and live in Canada full-time after you graduate from a selected learning institution (DLI). You may therefore work anywhere in Canada in any work of your choice, regardless of whether it is related to your studies. An international student can receive only one work permit in Canada in a lifetime after completing their studies here. Looking for the best experts to extend post graduate work permit. Have a meeting with our experts today at Stepwise Immigrations. We will help you with our full potential so that you cannot face any issues later.

Ways to stay in Canada after PGWP expires

You can stay in Canada many ways after PGWP expires, but some have queries about what happens if my PGWP expires. There is no need to panic, and it is best to take the expert of Stepwise Immigrations. Our experts will help you to extend post graduate work permit.

Provincial Nominee Program

Are you seeking the answer for what to do after 1 year PGWP expires? Then PNP is the best program for you. Each province manages different paths to invite eligible immigration candidates to meet their specific labour market demand. Currently, there are two broad types of PNPs, Base PNPs and Enhanced PNPs. For PNPs to invite candidates to apply for a provincial nomination, they should be able to reach the Express Entry pool. A candidate who qualifies for Express Entry under such events will automatically receive 600 points toward their overall score. Due to this fact, it is a certainty that they will receive an invitation to apply for PR in Canada.

However, those not eligible for Express Entry may still be able to immigrate to Canada through a base PNP. These programs enable you to apply for local nomination directly to the region. Furthermore, it helps your application for PR to the federal state. It is optional to have any previous experience in the area or a job offer – although these things usually come in handy.

Take the assistance of Stepwise Immigrations now to open work permit after PGWP. Our experts will help with how to stay in Canada after PGWP expires.

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

What happens if my PGWP expires? But do not worry. Stepwise Immigrations is here to help you. Recent graduates of a post-secondary institution in the Atlantic can become permanent residents through the Atlantic Immigration Program. This program is handy as it permits PGWP holders to stay in Canada after the end of their permit.

Applicants must have finished a two-year course to be considered. For graduates to be eligible, they must have a job offer in New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island. A, B, C, or 0 can indicate the type of skill required for the job.

The most common benefit of this program is that fewer work skills bars are waived for qualifying global graduates. This permit enables recipients to apply before starting a job. This may be fruitful for PGWP permit holders who need more work experience before their visa expires.

It was announced on December 31, 2021, that the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program had closed. A permanent Atlantic Immigration Program was introduced on March 6, 2022.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

Let you have graduated from publicly funded post-secondary institutions in one of the elevenths select roller wards across Canada. In that case, you might be fit to apply under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).

This pilot program needs the candidate to have finished a master’s degree or a post-secondary program of at least two years. And it also includes that they have to spend a minimum amount of time in society. For applicants planning to apply to their rural community’s program, each has its eligibility bars. Having to worry about what to do after 1 year PGWP expires. Don’t fear. Reach Canada’s best immigration experts at Stepwise Immigrations. Our expert team will help you from the start till the end you will get a solution.

Family Sponsorship

It is possible to obtain a visa sponsored by your spouse or common-law partner who is a Canadian citizen or PR.

Immigration of international students is a priority for Canada.

Immigrants have played a major role in the growth of Canada during its history. Canada’s education bars and infrastructure have improved, allowing it to lure and retain international students. Most are relatively young, have Canadian credentials, and speak English or French proficiently. And they have worked in Canada at some point in their careers.

Student immigrants would have set up social networks within their local communities during their study course. As a result, they would also be an excellent candidate for permanent residence.

Enroll in a new post-secondary program

In Canada, you might be able to stay in the country and work up to 20 hours per week if you enter a new post-secondary program. It is possible to remain in Canada if you are eligible for Express Entry but have not yet received an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

You cannot continue to work in Canada without a valid work permit or secured status. To remain in Canada, you must have a legitimate status.


You are in fear about what will happen if my PGWP expires. Why should you worry when stepwise immigration is here to help you? We are the best experts in Canada who are always eager to help clients. And we will help you to extend post graduate work permit.

Then what are you waiting for? Reach our expert team now and get advice that will be helpful for you.

Can I stay in Canada if my PGWP expires?

To stay in Canada, you have to apply for a PNP program    

How do I extend my stay in Canada after PGWP?   

You can apply to the program mentioned above to increase your stay in Canada after your work permit expires.

Can you stay in Canada without PGWP?        

You can live in Canada for about six months without a work permit.

Can I apply for PR after my PGWP expires?  

In most cases, yes, but your permit must have expired within the last 90 days.