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How to apply for Canadian immigration?

January 27, 2022BY Editor

Are you looking forward to working abroad? The first thing you'll need is Canadian immigration. If you are searching for how to apply for Canadian immigration, this article will help you find your answer. Several people who immigrate to Canada from various countries must go through Canadian immigration. 

However, before you apply for the immigration process, it will be helpful if you understand the eligibility criteria and the steps regarding the permission for a smooth process. Canada welcomes 250,000 immigrants every year, and however, there are some areas of requirements for immigrants to enter. Here is a guide on what to know before you apply for Canadian immigration and how to use it.

Types of Canadian immigration

If you are willing to apply for Canadian immigration, you must qualify for any immigrant category. There are four main categories where you can apply for Canadian immigration.

The categories are –

Family class members: you can be eligible for this category only if you are closely related to a resident of Canada. The person you are related to must live in Canada. For applying in this category, the Canadian resident should promise to sponsor your living. If your spouse is a Canadian who lives in Canada, you can use this category. Moreover, you can apply to this. If you have a Canadian family member, your spouse, common-law partner, child, or other relatives can be.

Economic immigrants: if you are a skilled worker, a business person, or a Canadian experience class, you can apply for Canadian immigration under this category. There are specific economic programs where Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offers express entry. Express entry is an electric system that manages the applications for permanent residence under those few specific economic programs. 

However, in this category, there are few sub-categories such as –

Skilled worker: If you are looking forward to becoming a permanent resident of Canada under the skilled worker category, you must qualify for a specific skilled trade. People who can contribute to Canada's economy with their skills, education, and experience are eligible to apply in the Federal Skilled Trades Program to get permanent residence.

Canadian experience class: In this category, people who live in Canada or have once lived in Canada under a temporary foreign worker or foreign student visa can apply for a permanent Canadian residency. If you have lived in Canada for some time, are good at languages like English and French, and have working abilities, it will be easier for you to apply for a permanent residency under this category.

Business-class: If you are an entrepreneur, business investor, or self-employed immigrant who has the skills, funds, and experience to continue a business in Canada, you are eligible to apply under this category.

Humanitarian and Compassionate applicant: if you are accepted as a humanitarian or for any compassionate reasons, you are eligible to apply for Canadian immigration under this category. Compassionate applicant refers to the ones who are not eligible to get a legal permanent residency in Canada, but they can apply on humanitarian or human grounds.

Refugee: It is the last major category for Canadian immigration. For people escaping any unusual or cruel punishment, torture can apply under this category.

Steps to apply for Canadian immigration

The fastest way to immigrate to Canada is an express entry. However, if you apply now, it will take 6-8months to process your application. You can seek help from a Canadian visa immigration consultancy to understand the process better.

Online application

Visit the Canadian government website for immigration and find the online application form. Then, create or login into your account and fill out the form.

Document verification

Once you finish filling up the online form, you need to scan and upload all your legal documents mentioned in the state.


After document uploading, you will be redirected to the payment page, where you have to pay the said application fees.

Application submission

After paying the application fees, you can submit your complete application.

Application status

After submitting your complete application, you need to keep checking your application status. It takes a few months to process.


Ensure your eligibility score before you apply for Canadian immigration.