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How to apply for a work permit in Canada?

February 23, 2022BY Admin

If you are thinking of getting a work visa in Canada, this is your right destination. It does not matter where you are from, whether inside Canada or outside Canada; this article will clear your thoughts or any queries regarding a work permit in Canada. Even for a Canada immigration work permit, you will be clear on the process and modalities. And hope so; you would be all set to get the permit! So, keep reading.

Just knowing about the industrial work permit might not suffice you, but here you will get to see if you are thinking about getting one for your children or spouse. And believe it, you do not have to spend dollars or rather any penny for the knowledge. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on any immigration agent or consultant. So why wait? Knowledge itself is half work done.

Need for a Canada Immigration work permit

You might be wondering, “Why would I need a work permit” along with how to get Canada PR from a work permit. You might be surprised to know that with a full work permit, not only do you get the work permit but also some other perks. For example, a work permit is excellent for not having elevated CRS scores. CRS score is also known as comprehensive ranking score, and people with a good CRS score of about less than 67 out of 100 can apply for a work permit. This work permit can also be outstanding for people who do not fulfill Express Entry or PNP requirements.

The work permit method is also faster than the EE/ PNP because they are done paper-based.

Another great thing about getting a work permit is that you might be eligible for permanent residency after a certain amount of work experience.

If you already have a job and are looking for a work permit or have a job offer in Canada, your PR will be given preference.

Step-by-step process

how to get canada pr from work permit

Initially, while immigrating to any Canadian state, you will face specific questions from the immigration officer. For example, the officer might ask you whether you are in Canada for work purposes. Now, here is a tricky and hilarious issue. Your definition of work should consequently match with the Canadian work definition. This means if the officer feels your answers are not satisfactory, he might send you back on the next flight. So, be careful!

  • You first need to take out an application and fill it out from the online portal. In times of COVID-19, even after getting a work permit from outside Canada, you would require complete vaccination.
  • After that, you need to meet with a VISA officer and show proper justification for your work stay in Canada. You also need to be willing to return after the authorization period. Work permits are temporary.
  • If you are thinking of staying above six months, a medical background check will be done. Also, you need to have crystal background checks to abide by Canadian laws.
  • The VISA officer will provide you with a temporary resident VISA or ETA when applying for a work permit.
  • The Document Checklist is IMM-5488 contains all the documents you require on how to get Canada PR from a work permit. Once you have acquired all of it, you can download the PDF. The standard documents are – proof of identity, passport xerox, LMI or offer of employment, proof of certifications of the profession. If you bring a spouse or family, you need to prove the relationship. Make sure the certificates should be notarized. 
  • The form for application is IMM-1295. While filling out, whenever a section does not apply to you, write down NA. Fill it up quite patiently; it is pretty essential. For example, during the Canada Immigration work permit application, the details of your spouse and family members needed to be filled in separately. After filling in “VALIDATE,” you will get a barcode, and this is the form you need to print the document. 


After the whole filling out is completed, there is a fee including the application fee, open work permit fee, and biometric fee. Once you have done that, apply the physical one to the nearest Canadian Visa Centre. This is the gist of how to get Canada PR from a work permit.