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How To Apply For A Student Visa In Canada?

February 1, 2022BY Admin

Are you a student looking for how to apply for a student visa Canada? Well. The Canadian government allows a considerable amount of students to study in Canada. There are plenty of ways to apply for a student permit in Canada. You can apply for the visa before you land in Canada or live within Canada.

However, there are a few rules you need to know before applying for the permit. It is a long process with a lot of work. The best way to get your students to permit is to understand which is the best option for you while applying for a student visa.

Things you need to apply for the visa

  • Documents

If you are a student living within Canada or not and applying for a student visa, you will need authentic documents. You can also convert Canada student visa to permanent resident later. Here are some documents you need to bring necessarily.

LOA: if you are applying for a student’s visa, you need to provide a letter of application from the designated learning institution you will attend. Especially if you are an international student under 18, you must have your LOA with approval that you’re a vaccinated traveller. However, you might not need to bring your letter of acceptance if you have a family member who has an approved written student permit or a work permit application before you enter Canada.

Identify proof:  if you want to apply for a student visa, you must upload a scanned copy of your valid passport as your identity proof. If a family member is coming along with you, they also need to have their passport. Once your online documentation is approved, you must send your original passport to the visa office.

Photo: each person needs to provide two passport-sized images with your name and date of birth written on the backside.

Financial proof: you need to provide evidence that you or the person coming with you can support your living in Canada. There are plenty of options you can give us your financial proof such as

  • Approval paper of a student’s loan from a bank
  • Bank statement of last four months
  • An account in any Canadian bank with your name where you’ve transferred money.
  • receipt of tuition fees and housing fees payment
  • Any eligible scholarship funding under any Canadian scholarship program
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate from any Canadian financial institution

Letter of explanation: you must bring a letter of explanation with you to provide it to the visa officer. The letter of explanation includes your reasons to , whether you understand your responsibilities as a student or not etc.

Custodian declaration: It is necessary for students under the age of 18. If you’re applying for a student visa as a minor, you must attach a custodian declaration along with your application. A custodian declaration is a two-page form where your Canadian guardian declares the custody by signing on the first page. Your legal guardian has to sign the second page for confirmation.

  • Online application

Once you find the application form on the government website, you need to fill it out. Be sure about the details you enter in your application form. You can submit the complete application once you reload the form, attach the required documents and make the payment. However, while you apply for the permit, you must answer some questions, and it will be better to prepare your answers beforehand.

After filling up the form and attaching the documents mentioned above comes the fees part. First, you need to know the amount of payment you need to pay for the application. Other than the application fee, you need to pay biometrics to avoid delays during the process. Moreover, in a few situations, you might need to pay for third-party support, which includes any certificates from the police or medical tests.

After completing the payment, you can submit your complete application. It takes a few months to process the application. It will be helpful if you keep an eye on your application status to ensure further steps.


Prepare your documents and fees before you start to apply for a student visa Canada.