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How much does LMIA cost?- All You Need To Know

December 6, 2022BY Admin

If you are eager to learn more about how much does LMIA cost. Read this topic what are you seeking for.

As we all know, Canada is the second-largest nation in the world. In addition, the folk figures are also contrary, which is a major block to economic growth.

In Canada, there is always a need for highly skilled worker visas; hence, this nation greets settlers to fill that gap. It is best to take the help of Stepwise Immigrations if you are looking for the LMIA process for PR. We offer end-to-end help with getting a Canadian work visa to help our clients safely land and move forward successfully. Let’s find out more about this topic of the LMIA process Canada.

What is LMIA Canada?

LMIA Canada meaning is Labour Market Impact Assessment. It is simply an approval by the government of Canada for an employer to hire foreign workers for specific jobs. To obtain a Work Permit or Permanent Residency, this approval is required.

The LMIA Application is an Employer’s Application to ESDC, which confirms and shows that they cannot find Canadians or PRs to fill a specific position (or positions).

If the application is approved, employers can use it for hiring global workers who do not have an open work permit or need to extend their work permit in Canada. Reach the best expert’s office at Stepwise Immigrations. We will give you tips about LMIA, which are vital for you. In addition, we will provide you with the exact cost of LMIA application.

LMIA process Canada

There are many steps in applying to the LMIA process Canada. If you face any issues, you can take our help as we are the experts in work visas. Contact our expert team to resolve your mistakes, if any.

  • Learn about the skill level

The first step towards applying for LMIA is finding the skill level of the intended occupation. If you wish to be successful in this effort, you should visit the National Occupation Classification (NOC) website.

  • Ensure that advertising meets minimum standards

It is also important to reveal that you have taken the necessary steps to hire a Canadian worker or PR. It is needed to show that you have sincerely engaged in the Canadian labor market.

It is also within the will of Employment and Social Development Canada to require employers to advertise further for any position if it believes that more detailed advertising might locate qualified Canadians or permanent residents.

  • Wage rate

Based on your location, you should not earn less than the median wage or prevailing wage.

  • Verify your eligibility

It is important to remember that your LMIA application will only be successful if you are unable of finding qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents for the vacant position. As a result, hiring temporary foreign workers will not adversely affect the Canadian labor market.

  • Send your application

You should file your LMIA application with Service Canada once you have successfully observed the last steps. Before identifying your temporary foreign worker, this should be done.

  • Make contact with your foreign employee

After LMIA approved what is the next step is to send a copy of your LMIA validation letter to your temporary foreign worker. You must provide a signed offer of a job and a signed employment contract.

Face any difficulty in the LMIA process for PR, and take the aid of Stepwise Immigrations now. We are the experts, and our team will tell you about the real LMIA Canada meaning.

How much is LMIA application?

Considering the skilled, advertising and government processing fees are best. However, the cost of LMIA application may vary depending on the kind of LMIA you require and who you pick to work with. Take the aid of Stepwise Immigrations to get a guess of how much is LMIA fee. With this, you will know about total out-of-pocket costs before you begin. Depending on the situation, a consultation may be required before a firm LMIA quote can be provided. This questionnaire aims to determine whether an LMIA fits your situation and what type of LMIA is necessary.

The advertising price will vary based on the kind of LMIA you need. Still, it will help if you get a cost before starting the LMIA process Canada. The cost of getting LMIA from the government is based on the kind of LMIA you need. LMIA price in Canada is $1000 under the Temporary Foreign Worker stream. An LMIA does not require government payment; however, a $1000 fee is required if a dual intent LMIA is requested. Foreign citizens can apply for a work visa under the LMIA and begin working before their Permanent Residence application has been approved. It is illegal to pay any percentage of an LMIA’s expense. Canadian law needs employers to cover the costs of obtaining an LMIA.

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How long it takes to get LMIA in Canada?

Assuming both the preparation of the LMIA application and the government’s processing time is important. LMIAs typically take six to eight weeks to complete. Employers must run advertisements for a minimum of four weeks, plus time for advertisement translation and document delivery. The entire process will be delayed when an employer is slow to react to facts requests.

A few occupations, such as agriculture, have shorter advertising periods or do not require hype (highly skilled, highly paid trades). It is, however, necessary to have a regular advertising period most of the time. The government may process an LMIA in 4-5 months, but it might take as little as ten business days. The amount of time it takes to process an LMIA depends on its type and the office handling it. Wishing to know how much LMIA cost. Take the assistance of Stepwise Immigrations now.


Seeking to find out more about how many LMIA can employer get in a year. Don’t take any worries. Make a call to our expert team today at Stepwise Immigrations. Our expert team will help regarding the LMIA process for PR and how much LMIA cost. Stepwise Immigrations is always ready to help our clients. This makes us more famous in Canada.


How much does Canada LMIA cost?        

The cost of LMIA for Canada is $1000. Contact us for more info.

Who pays for LMIA Canada?

The employer will pay $1000 per position; however, the fees may vary depending upon the number of positions.            

How long it will take for LMIA process?

It takes about 5-8 months, but sometimes, it can take less to process a work permit.

Is LMIA free?     

LMIA is not free for anyone, employer have to pay a fee of $1000 to invite the worker for the vacant seat.