How can I get a study permit in Canada?

January 6, 2023BY Admin

Students worldwide move to Canadian universities to follow different courses depending on their stakes. Canadian institutions are known for their vital infrastructure, cutting-edge course, and sprawling campuses. It is a good idea to study in Canada so that you have a great chance to get Canadian PR. Stepwise Immigrations works with the students to aid them in raising their options to obtain a study permit in Canada. During this process, we help students specify and apply for the right course and college to serve as a springboard for their global careers. Let’s find out more in this blog about how I can get a study permit in Canada.

What is a study permit in Canada?

The Canadian immigration authorities issue study permits to international students who wish to study in Canada. Students from other nations can’t study in Canada without a valid study permit. A study permit also allows students to go to Designated Learning Institutions. International students can attend a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) if a province or part backs it. Stepwise Immigrations helps you apply for a study permit in Canada. Thus, with us, you will have no fear as we will handle everything on your behalf.

How to apply for a study permit in Canada?

To apply for a student visa, you must follow the rules and guidelines of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If you face any difficulty with your Canadian study permit application; Stepwise Immigrations is always ready to help you. You can get a student permit in Canada by following these steps:

Find the right university and course for you

Discover what diplomas and degrees are available in your field and which universities offer them. Science, Technology, Humanities, and Commerce are just a few of the specializations available at Canadian universities.

Make sure your paperwork is ready

It is vital to start your application as early as possible since applying to study in Canada can be a lengthy process. Some basic application requirements include a transcript and mark sheet for your academic records, IELTS scores for Canada, a motivation letter, letters of recommendation, and a Statement of Profit (SOP).

Know the requirements for admission

The university’s official website will provide the admission requirements for the course once you have chosen it. A few of the things you should ensure are academic specifications, work experience criteria, and information regarding the intake.

Submission of the application form

Canada’s major universities require applicants to fill out their personal and academic details online, submit the necessary documents, and pay the application fee through an online medium. Before you hit submit, make sure you go over all your details again.

Apply for pass

Following the university’s acceptance of your candidature, you can begin preparing your visa application. Since it takes about 60 days and requires many documents, starting your visa application as soon as possible is important.

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A list of the documents required for the offer letter is provided below.

  • A copy of your birth certificate and your leaving certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Passport
  • Mark sheets, credit, and trial certificates for 10th & 12th grades
  • The diploma, the degree certificate, and the provisional certificate
  • ITI’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate
  • Diploma/Provisional Diploma, Bachelor’s Mark Sheet (Transcript if needed).
  • Mark sheet for master’s, diploma/provisional certificate (transcript if needed)
  • Letter of Experience, if needed
  • Certificates for IELTS/PTE

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What is the process time study permit in Canada?

Suppose you are considering applying for a Canada Study Permit. In that case, you should understand how long it may take to receive the final approval. Doing this makes your visa application process much smoother and more precise.

An application for a Canadian Student Visa typically takes three to four weeks to be processed. There is, however, no proof that this time will be valid. Many factors can affect the processing time for Canadian Student Visas.

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When should I apply for a Canadian student visa?

According to our experts, applications should be submitted three months before the Fall Intake. It should be noted, however, that Canadian universities accept students on a semester basis. It is, therefore, possible for you to select the semester in which you are interested in enrolling.

  • Intake for the Fall semester begins in September
  • January is the beginning of winter intake
  • May is the start of spring intake
  • The bottom line,

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  1. What are the requirements for a study permit in Canada?

There are many requirements to get a Canadian study permit. Call our team now.

  • Is a Canadian study permit easy to get?

If you have a good academic record, then it is easy to get a study visa for Canada.

  • How much does a Canadian study permit cost?

The fee will be around CAD$150, which adds some amount for biometrics, medical, etc. Contact us to find out more.

  • How do I apply for a student permit to Canada?

Contact our expert team at Stepwise Immigrations to find out more about it.