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September 28, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

The Canadian government understands that it is troublesome and upsetting to have to stay away from your partner for a long period of time, hence the IRCC has announced that they will be processing the spousal applications faster. If you are a PR or a citizen, then you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner. You can only sponsor a person if you are:
1. At least 18 years old.
2.A Canadian PR, Citizen or a person registered under the Canadian-Indian act.
but, If you are a Canadian citizen living abroad, you must prove that you plan to live in Canada with the sponsored person once they become a permanent resident or if, you are a permanent resident is eligible to sponsor their partner if the permanent resident resides in Canada.
3. Prove that you can financially support the person you are sponsoring.
Once you have sponsored someone for PR, you cannot sponsor another person for the next five years.

It has been tuff on all of us tackling our way through the pandemic, changing work environments, worrying about environments at schools and not having your spouse in these rigid times can be another agonizing point. Hence, if you wish to apply for your spouse or common law partner , contact us at : stepwiseimmigration@gmail.com