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Govt approved immigration consultants in Punjab

July 29, 2022BY Admin

Are you thinking of immigrating to any other country? Are you considering permanently settling in Canada or any other county with a proper permit? Well, it is time to contact us at Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd without falling into a trap spread by touts and unscrupulous agents. We are one of the best Govt. approved immigration consultants in Punjab, and our executives and lawyers are well aware of the processes and the legalities of immigrating to other countries with proper visas and permits.

Finding Good Govt. Approved Immigration Consultants In Punjab

Are you wondering how do I find a good immigration consultant? Well, you have landed at the right platform as we can help you in many ways at a nominal service charge. Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd may have started the journey a couple of years ago, but we have grown from strength to strength, providing the best services to our clients. 

Today, we are one of the most sought-after immigration consultants in Punjab and adjoining areas, providing a variety of services related to immigration. We are registered with ICCRC and have approval from the Immigration Department of the Canadian Government.

Check The Claims Of Approval 

Do not worry about the subject of how do I know if I have an ICCRC approved consultant? You can ask us for our registration number as an immigration service provider of the Canadian Government. Our executives and the legal team will be more than glad to provide you with the same. There is nothing to hide, and we feel proud to satisfy aspiring immigrants by extending all possible help.

How Can I Check My Registered Immigration Consultant In India?

If you want to check our credentials, visit the official website, key in our registration number, and you will be able to see all details. You can view our consultant identification number, name, address, and activity status like active or inactive. 

Which Immigration Consultant Is Best In India?

You may be confused about the type of Visa or permits or with the fees and after-landing processes. Again, you do not understand to upload the correct documents for a specific Visa type. Our expert professionals will look into all these matters and guide you with the application process. Our legal team will scrutinize all the relevant documents, and only when they are satisfied do we give an approving nod to go ahead with the application. Else we will ask you to provide additional documents to support your application and negate your chance of rejection.

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At Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd, our battery of lawyers is always ready to help aspiring immigrant applicants with the queries raised by the Immigration Department after application. The lawyers stay updated with the latest immigration rules and guide applicants accordingly. Our genuine services have made us one of the best Govt. approved immigration consultants in Punjab. We do not give false promises but only assist the applicant in making a proper application with supporting documents to sail through the immigration process and fly out.


Always take help from the best-registered consultant while thinking about immigrating. Do not fall prey to tall claims made by many, and visit the best consultant after verifying the registration number.