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Finding an Employment in Canada

If you’re in search of finding an employment in Canada, it’s important to plan thoroughly so you can accomplish this crucial part of the moving process. With focus and motivation, you can find the right jobs in Canada for you.

The following tips would help you a lot in following the right path so that you can plan for success.

Get your resume ready:

Poorly written resumes will hinder you from making an impact. Your resume creates your first impression, so don’t fall short at this crucial step while applying for jobs in Canada.

Be selective:

Be discriminating in your job search. Do not send the same resume and cover letter to 30 companies, as managers in companies talk. This is a common mistake that people make. Do networking and cold calling to distribute your resume.

Be enthusiastic:

Always make sure that you have a contact for the company and follow up within a week of submitting your resume to show your interest. Sending acknowledgement emails after an interview set you apart from other candidates enthusiastic for finding an employment in Canada.

Get references:

It’s easier to find jobs in Canada, if you have strong references. Try to obtain employment references from your home country beforehand and provide them, only if relevant to the role.

Use LinkedIn:

It’s a fast-growing social media tool, so set up your online resume and network as recruiters and employers are using this tool every day to source candidates.

Learn how to network:

Networking is crucial in finding jobs in Canada. Effective networking entitles you to obtain valuable insight and gain crucial contacts, both socially and professionally. Research networking events for your profession or ask contacts how to meet more people in your field.

Never refuse an offer of help:

Be positive and determined. Contact the person who offered you help the next day and be sure to thank them for any guidance they’ve provided.

Be confident:

Moving to a new country is a challenge, but you’ve accomplished it! Finding an employment in Canada is quite difficult, but you can accomplish this too with your confidence.

Benefits of Business Immigration-Self Employment Category

Independence, control and freedom from routine:

If you are self employed in Canada, you have the freedom to work according to your wish. There will be nobody to direct your work. You’re your own boss. You can decide when, where and how to work to get the job done.

Financial Rewards:

Many successful businesses in Canada are run by immigrants. Companies there are willing to pay more to independent contractors because they don’t have the expensive, long-term commitments that they have to do with permanent employees. The independent contractors can also deduct business expenses from their taxes, which may increase their earnings.

How to Apply


Look for the jobs on Job bank that are of your interest. There are other Job portals as well like indeed etc.


We can help you to tailor make your resume and cover letters. We prepare prospective candidates with expectations of Canadian employers


We can guide the candidates with identifying their Skill set and matching with the Canadian NOC codes and requirements

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