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GCMS stands for Global Case Management System or Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) that is a system provided by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC’s) itself. This system of the IRCC includes an extensive and detailed record of each and every applicant who has submitted a file to the IRCC. It also contains detailed notes from the officer viewing the file and even the documents that were provided by each applicant. GCMS notes give applicant’s an insight into their application status and a proper view of their application.

What do the GCMS/CAIPS notes consist of ?

The notes contain all information regarding an applicant’s file that was submitted to IRCC. It contains notes from the officer that is viewing the file and also updates on the status of the application.

What is the processing time to obtain the notes?

The Access to Information and Privacy Act, IRCC states that it takes 30 days to process a request and provide us with the notes. However due to a number of requests they receive and depending on the workload it takes up to 40 days to receive the notes.

When are the notes generated after an order is placed?

The notes are usually generated a week after the order is place. However according to IRCC the notes can be generated anytime from the time the order is placed and in between the week when order is placed.

Is there a way to fasten the process of receiving the notes?

No, there is no way in which we can fasten the process. The processing time of 30-40 days remains same for each and every client. However, we ensure here at stepwise that we put the request on the same day as you contact us so that no further days are waisted in the process.

Does ordering the GCMS notes have any effect on the processing time of the actual file that is submitted to IRCC?

No, ordering the notes has no effect on the processing time of your application. Rather it is often noticed that ordering the notes often helps in updating the status of one’s file because they will have to open your file in order to provide us with the notes.

Is there a possibility of the process being delayed beyond the processing time?

Yes, in some cases it might take longer for them to provide us with the notes. In such cases they seek extensions. If we receive an extension for your order, we will firstly update you as soon as possible and secondly guide you about what steps to take further.

Is contacting a lawyer a good option if my file is taking too long?

Contacting a lawyer is also an option and can be used by every applicant. It is usually better to order the notes before you take this step as the notes will help your lawyer understand the status of your application and give an in-depth view of your file to your lawyer.

What are the advantages of ordering the GCMS notes?

Firstly, they provide essential information like the status of your application and notes from officer. They will further help you ensure that your representative has provided all necessary information and made no errors that is causing delay in your file. They help you be prepared for the next steps. In some cases, applicants are called for interviews or asked for more documents and this information will already reach your eye through the notes. They also help to understand the reason of refusal if your application has been refused.

What are CBSA / Port of entry notes?

The CBSA or Port of entry notes refer to the information related to a person’s application that is obtained from the Canada border services agency.

What is the processing time to obtain the CBSA/ Port of entry notes?

The CBSA notes are received via mail hence they take 40 days to be received. If an extension is sought then it might take longer.