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Extend Your Stay In Canada as a Visitor

If you are on a leisure trip or a work trip in Canada, visiting your family, studying your program of interest, or working temporarily, circumstances may change and you may want to change your conditions and stay for a longer period than mentioned in your visa.

Under this condition, you will need to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor. Visa extension in Canada is not at all uncommon and in fact, it is one of the most requested kinds of Canadian visas. However, the application process for such an extension can be quite complicated and many applicants may not obtain their desired request. It is for that reason it is recommended to seek the advice of immigration professional.

Once you are in Canada you will have a definite period of time in which you are legally allowed to stay in the country. In addition, you may have terms or conditions which would allow you to work or study. If you would like to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor, you may do so while staying in Canada. The acceptance of such a request depends on how thoroughly the applications have been followed in addition to the case the individual has presented in order to justify their stay. Many applications have been rejected due to non fulfillment of the required criteria.

How to apply?

In order to apply for a visa to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor, you have to furnish the following documents:

  • Application form (IMM5257B)
  • Application fee
  • A valid Passport
  • Two copies of photographs for each family member (follow the photo specifications exactly)
  • Permissions for children travelling under a custody arrangement or with one parent
  • Bank statements
  • Employment letters
  • Host in Canada information, which includes employment income and/or Notice of Assessment
  • Proof of family size

How can I extend my stay as a Visitor?


Define the purpose of extending your stay? Be honest and be credible.


Satisfy officer that you have enough funds to sustain. Make sure that you are abiding by the Immigration act. Make sure you have not done any violations during your stay in Canada.


If you have funds and the purpose of extending stay is compelling, we can help you with professional submission of your application in order to ensure positive outcome

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    Baljeet Singh Bhari

    (Visitor Extension)