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Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Student

When it comes to academic as well as professional education, Canada has become a hot destination for international students.

The number of student visa applications is increasing day by day and the Government of Canada is making sincere and committed efforts to accommodate maximum number of students. Many students who have managed to secure an admission in Canadian universities and colleges look for ways to extend their stay in Canada as a student.

What to do?

If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a student, you should submit an application form before your existing permit status expires. Once the extension of your study permit is approved, you have to submit a new application for the renewal of your temporary resident visa. If your study permit expires after producing an application for the extension, you can continue to stay in Canada under the ‘Implied Status’. This status implies that you are a temporary resident. This will last until the authorities make a decision on your extension application.

Methods of Applying for an extension of Study permit

There are two ways to apply to extend your stay in Canada as a student. The first option available is to submit an application online and the next one is to apply on paper. You should always seek the help of a reliable foreign education consultancy to submit these types of applications because a minor mistake can lead to the rejection of your application.

How to Apply?

To extend your stay in Canada as a student, you would require form IMM 5709. To use this form, applicants must already be staying in Canada with a valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Using this form, you can also file for reinstatement of a lapsed study visa. Thus, in order to get a study permit extension, you will need to apply with the required collected documentation and submit them with your IMM 5709 application, such as:

  • A confirmation letter that you have been accepted at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Proof that you are a temporary resident of Canada
  • Proof that you have the required financial means to look after yourself while staying in Canada
  • Pay the required application fees
  • Submit the application form online or offline

What are the steps to apply for Study permit extension?


Identify reasons to apply for Study permit extension. It could be you want to do another program, or you need more time to finish your original program?


Based on your requirement, we would suggest you required documents to satisfy officer.


Take professional help in order to get best possible results in your situation. Team at Stepwise have done multiple applications of this nature.

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    Jiwanjot singh

    ( Study Permit Extension )