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Consultant fees for Canada immigration

July 5, 2022BY Admin

Our website’s primary goal is to improve understanding of immigration among those who work in the field. This section aims to arm you with the knowledge necessary to approach what is frequently a problematic, life-changing judgment. Topics covered include Express Entry, permanent residency, and the advantages of working with an authorized immigration consultant. You are not required to pay the consultant fees for Canada immigration until your application gets accepted as part of the PR process. However, you must initially pay your educational credentials assessment. 

What is the cost associated with the consultant fees for Canada immigration?

Here are the step-wise costs associated with the consultant fees for Canada immigration for visa processing at each stage.

1. Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA)

The ECA’s approximate cost is INR 13,000 / 230 Canadian dollars.

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) determines whether your foreign degree or certificate is respectable and comparable to one from Canada.

ECAs come in wide different varieties. To facilitate Canadian Immigration, you require obtaining an ECA. 

2. Fees of Canada PR 

If you are applying for permanent residency, you need to pay the associated costs:

  • Cost for Canada PR application: CAD 800 / INR 51,000 approx.
  • The costs associated with a Canada PR application for an optional application—which could be your friend’s—remain the same: CAD 800 / INR 51,000 approx.
  • The cost of a PR visa for each dependent child is CAD 220 / INR 13,500 approx.
  • You must pay the CAD 500 / INR 31,000 as the Right to Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) before you become a permanent resident of Canada, when you apply or after your PR visa gets approved.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has increased the costs for all long-term housing applications approved by April 30, 2022.

After accepting your ITA, you must provide your most recent PR application. You are then required to wait until you receive the invitation for the ITA application.

There is hardly any difference between Express Entry and PNP in terms of process or cost. In addition, you have to bear some fees for getting some required documents.

How much does the Express Entry Program cost at each stage?

A Canada permanent resident visa from India has a cost that must be paid in stages.

 1: Educational Credential Assessment fee

An Education Credential Assessment (ECA) fee for a foreign degree is $230 / INR 14,000 approx.

You can advance to the next phase once you have an outcome letter of ECA and an IELTS scorecard.

 2: Payment of visa fee

Cost of a Canada PR visa application:

  • Total cost for one person: CAD 500 plus 820 ( for CIC)
  • Total cost for Couple: CAD 1640 (CIC for one person multiplied by 2) + 500
  • An additional coat of a Child: CAD 200 for one child
  • Other fees associated with this step :
  1. 2,000 INR for a medical exam (relying upon your city)
  2. 400 INR for a police endorsement (depending upon your city)

 4: Biometric fee

For a single candidate, the biometric fee is CAD 80.

160 CAD for two or more candidates’ biometrics

 5: You need to submit the details of your passport

The cost of the passport may range from INR 1000 to INR 2000. In the unlikely event that you already possess a substantial visa, this fee gets waived.

You will be responsible for additional consultant fees for Canada immigration from something very similar if you apply through a Provincial Nominee Program.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for Canadian PR?

The IELTS exam gets required to become a Permanent Resident of Canada.

IELTS is used to assess your English language proficiency. As a requirement for the Express Entry Program, you should obtain a respectable IELTS score. Working on your entire focus will largely depend on your IELTS score.

For Canada PR, you should aim for scores of around seven bands across all four IELTS test modules. 

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