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Canadian Experience Class Express Entry Draw

March 22, 2022BY Admin

Canada invites eligible persons across the globe to come to their country, become a resident and work there, adding to the country’s growth. Taking advantage of the system, people across the globe are eager to go to Canada and work there, becoming a resident. However, there are specific rules and regulations to this feature, and one has to go through the Canadian experience class express entry draw done by the Government from time to time. There are generally two types of draws for this entry, and it is time to discuss about them a bit before one proceeds to apply for any of them.

About Canadian experience class express entry draw

If you are seeking a new life, earning handsomely, and exploring a new destination, it is time to accept the opportunity extended by Canada. As mentioned earlier, there are formalities to be completed to grab the opportunity and take part in the draw organized by the Canadian Immigration Authority. One can select between the two types of entry processes, experience class, and express class, and it is time to compare the process of Canadian Experience Class vs Express Entry. 

Canadian Experience Class Entry draw

It is one of the easiest ways to enter Canada and settle there permanently with work. It is applicable to candidates having recent work experience in the country and willing to settle permanently in the country. Through this process and draw, one can get permanent Canadian resident status within three to four months. One can only apply for this process of entry draw having at least 12 months of full-time or part-time work experience as a skilled worker in the country. Without the stipulated work experience, people of other countries cannot apply for this entry draw.

 To apply, one also has to have 12 months of working experience within 36 months prior to applying for the eAPR or Electronic Application for permanent residence. One should have legally obtained work experience, and the NOC code skill level should be 0, A, or B. One should also know English or French and pass the approved test with a valid language score. All said and done, one must agree to stay outside Quebec province. There is no proof of funds required under application though this category. 

Canadian express entry draw 

Nearly 11000 workers enter Canada every year through his process, and they all become permanent residents in the country. The process is also online for skilled workers willing to immigrate to Canada, stay permanently in the country, and earn a living. The entire process of the draw is managed by the draw focusing on FSW, FST, and CEC. 

If you possess a college or university degree, are proficient in English or French, and have some skilled work experience, you are an ideal candidate. However, you should be eligible only if you meet the requirements of any of the FSW, FST, or CEC programs. This express entry process involves some cost, and it is around Canadian $ 2300 for a single entry or Canadian $ 4500 for a couple. The costs include the charges for language tests, ECA or educational credential assessment, government fees, biometrics, medical test fees, and police clearance certificate cost. However, one does not need to pay any government fee during the application process. If required, one may also need to pay the PNP or the provincial immigration fee

Without a job offer in hand, one must also show that there are enough funds in your hand for resettlement in the country. The settlement fund depends on the number of people in the family, starting from CAD 13,213 for a single person to CAD 34,967. Adding one member in the family for immigration requires an additional fund of CAD 3,560 beyond CAD 13,213.

Differences between the two draws

There are some differences between the two processes of immigration to Canada, and it is time to compare Canadian Experience Class vs Express Entry.

  • While the primary eligibility criteria to take part in the Canadian experience class express entry draw is to have some work experience in Canada, it is not mandatory for Express entry. A university degree holder without any work experience can apply for express entry, but it is not possible in the case of the former.
  • Again, there is no need for showing sufficient bank balances for entry with Canadian work experience; in case of express entry, one has to have adequate funds to support themselves in Canada after immigration before getting a job.
  • Again experience class entry is processed much faster than the express class by the Canadian Government. One can get the required permit in 3 to 4 months, and it takes around six months to get the permit in case of express entry.  

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By now, one should understand the different methods of immigration and entry into Canada ad settle permanently there with a job. It is better to know the differences between Canadian Experience Class vs Express Entry and apply accordingly for settling and working in Canada.