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Canada Work Permit Without LMIA

October 19, 2022BY Admin

Canada Work Permit Without LMIA: Working in Canada is a goal for many people. This is all because it is a nation with plenty of job options that you cannot find anywhere. Approximately 1 million jobs are available in Canada, according to Canada Immigration News. Canada offers safety and stability and many ways to get a work permit to be employed in Canada.

As a result, Canada’s policies on work permits are highly adapting to the needs and cases of immigrants. Because of Canada’s ageing workforce and declining folk, the nation seeks foreign labour to fill the gaps.

The government of Canada has many laws to protect Canadian workers’ jobs via the implementation of LMIA. But if you want to get a Canada work permit without LMIA, the Stepwise Immigrations skilled team here is to help you. We will help you to get a work permit without LMIA Canada because we are the experts on work visas in Canada. Thus, you can call our team at any time to get help. Let’s find out more in this blog about this topic.

What is a Labour Market Impact Assessment?

To save the Canadian labour market, foreign citizens will be issued a paper called LMIA. Their job offer from an employer must be valid for them to accept it. Employers must apply for an LMIA from the ESDC before they hire a foreign national. This paper confirms that the citizens of Canada are not fit for this type of job.

An LMIA result of positive means that hiring a foreign national would not negatively impact the Canadian labour market. As part of the application process for an LMIA, it is vital to prove that good recruitment efforts have been made. This aim was to hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for a specified period, but none were available. Looking for the best Canada work permit without LMIA expert. Stepwise Immigrations experts are here to aid you. Call today to get more details that will make the process easier for you.

LMIA Work Permit Application

An LMIA work permit is the most famous ordinary visa you can get. It is mainly an employer-specific work permit that details specific aspects of your job in Canada. It includes who you work for and where you will work.

This kind of work permit limits you to work for a unique Canadian employee in a specific location. In addition to open work permits, Canada issues other types of work permits to foreigners. It is most commonly given on a working holiday or spousal visa, allowing you to work anywhere in Canada and for anyone. Seeking a work permit without LMIA Canada, then take the help of a skilled team at Stepwise Immigrations. We are the best agents in Canada and have made trust in the mind of our clients. Make a call or reach us today at Stepwise Immigrations.

LMIA Application Requirements

  • Fees for processing

A processing fee of $1000 for all LMIA applications is non-refundable. Some applicants are exempt from the application fee under the LMIAs.

  • Documents proving business realism:

Several papers prove that the employer is a fair Canadian employer.

  • Plan for the transition

It is the duty of employers to supply a plan of action for how they propose to address the need to employ TWFs. But later on, employers are expected to hire Canadian citizens instead of TFWs.

  • Efforts to recruit

The employers must prove that they have made extra steps to recruit Canadian citizens for the goal position before hiring a foreign national.

  • Salary

LMIA applications should include the proposed wage rate as well. This is critical to ensure that TFW wages are equal to those offered to Canadians.

  • Safety at Work

Workplace health and safety needs are equal for TFWs and Canadians performing the same tasks. It is the employer’s duty to prove that insured TFWs will be covered by insurance. Health coverage offered by the business must be a minimum equivalent to that provided by the province or territory it is located in.

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LMIA Exempt Work Permit

Although foreign national needs LMIA from a Canadian employer for a work visa. There are, however, specific types of Canadian work permits that are not subject to LMIA.

If a Canadian employer watches to hire a foreign worker, they must get an LMIA quickly. There is proof that the employer has made enough efforts to hire a Canadian citizen for the open post, which did not help them. They need to hire a TFW instead. Applicants outside Canada usually need a positive LMIA to apply for a Canadian work permit. It is essential to include the LMIA number with the application. It is exempt from certain conditions, however.

Canadian work permits come in three types.

  • The majority of Canadian work permits require a positive LMIA. LMIAs grant closed work permits to foreign workers for employment with specific employers and positions listed in the LMIA.
  • Foreign workers with open work permits may work for any employer anywhere in Canada, in any position. Due to their lack of rules on work or employers, available work permits do not require an LMIA. It is not necessary to have a job offer in order to obtain an open work permit.
  • A closed LMIA-exempt work permit falls somewhere in the middle. Foreign workers without LMIAs can work for specific employers in specific positions.

Stepwise Immigrations are the best expert on work visas for Canada. Our experts are keen to help our clients with the Canada work permit without LMIA.

Jobs exempt from an LMIA

  • Self-employed and entrepreneurs

Those from abroad who want to start their firms or work for themselves in Canada then prove that their operations would provide notable economic, social, or cultural benefits to Canadians.

  • Transferees within a company

There is no need for an LMIA if an international company temporarily moves employees to a Canadian branch.

  • Skilled workers that speak French

LMIAs are not required for French-speaking skilled workers with valid job offers outside Quebec.


Seeking a work permit without LMIA Canada. Then you are in the right place. Talk to our experts at Stepwise Immigrations. Our skilled team will provide you with every tiny detail regarding the Canada work permit without LMIA that you must know. Then why should you wait for more when an expert team of Stepwise Immigrations? Get in touch with our team now.


 Can I get Canada work permit without LMIA?

Within two weeks of the date you apply, your work permit can expire without an LMIA.

 How can I get job offer without LMIA?   

 It is easy to get a job without LMIA, but the job must be valid under LMIA.

 Can I apply Canada work permit without employer?

It is not necessary to have a job offer in most cases.