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Canada Work Permit Consultants In Delhi

July 13, 2022BY Admin

We all know that Canada is a place where both students and professionals go to rise high in their fields. The report says that more than 3, 00,000 immigrants visit Canada yearly to get better job opportunities and fulfill their needs and dreams. You can connect with Canada work permit consultants in Delhi to get your visa in a comparatively short period and with the least number of casualties on your side. To fulfill your dreams, you can connect with Canada work visa consultants in Delhi and get your visa in hand in just a few days.

Canadian employer visas mainly focus on the skilled worker point-based system. One of the popular visas, FSWV (federal skilled worker visa), is for people with professional skills in their work field. With the help of our company, you can also get a PR visa.

Procedure To Get A Canada Work Permit Consultants In Delhi

While you apply for a work permit in Canada, there are specific procedures that you need to follow. To get a Canadian work permit, you need to follow the given procedure:

  • You won’t stay there after your work permit gets lapse
  • They should not find any criminal activities with your name 
  • Must pass the physical and mental requirements.

Canada Work Permit Processes

It is a two-fold process. In the first part, a Canadian employer must get an approval letter from the Canadian government. After completion of the first part, the designated employer needs to apply for receiving a work permit. 

We all know that Canada is a great place for professionals. But it will be more beneficial when you have a valid work permit to stay and work in Canada. There are two different types of work programs.

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How to apply for a work permit in Canada?

Temporary Worker Program

You can get eligible for this program only if the employer has a market impact assessment to hire a foreign professional. But before hiring one, the employer needs to advertise the job role for about one month. 

International Mobility Program 

You can also consider applying for a work permit through this program, as it doesn’t require the MIA (market impact assessment). You can also enroll for a work permit through employment and social development Canada.

FSWV (Federal Skilled Worker Visa)

Professionals are willing to get a job in Canada and are considering staying there as permanent residents will have to undergo a specific process for immigration and citizenship. You can also immigrate to Canada through express entry. For more information, kindly visit our immigration consultants in Delhi.

Why Canada is An Excellent Country To Stay And Work In?

People having better knowledge want to go there as they will get high wages, and business people with good ideas can quickly get an investor to open a start-up. Make sure you have read all the information on immigration services before you apply for a Canada work permit through our consultation in Delhi. Few reasons why people prefer Canada:

International and lavish lifestyle for the skilled worker:

  • Quality education
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Free from criminal activities
  • World-class health care facilities

What Are The Additional Benefits You Will Enjoy Through Stepwise Immigration Consultation Services?

If you are thinking of getting a work permit to search for jobs in Canada, then Stepwise Immigration will be the best solution for you. A few benefits that you are going to witness from our agency are:

  • Trustworthy– Experts will advise you on your job offer and other issues. Their knowledge and experience will increase your chances of success.
  • Quality– Our agency aims at providing the best consultation services so that it becomes easy for the clients to understand. Our agency offers all types of visas, including family and partner visas, student visas, and many more.
  • Transparent and smooth– We offer fine and soft processing of your application. We don’t charge anything extra for providing your work permit in Canada. you will get the solution to all the issues you are facing
  • Special attention– We know the importance of work in an individual’s life. So we try and provide everything they need, so we can successfully solve their issue at a bare minimum.

The Bottom Line

If you are a professional foreign worker looking for consultation services to get a work permit visa, then Stepwise Immigration is what you need. Start your immigration process with the most trustworthy and honest services of one of the best Canada work permit consultants in Delhi. So don’t waste your time. Go and book your consultation now.

  • We break down everything so that it becomes easy for you to understand every step.
  • You can connect to our customer support service anytime.
  • We try and offer step-by-step guidance so you can get through each question yourself.