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Canada Work Permit Consultants – A Complete Guide

June 23, 2022BY Admin

If you are searching for Canada work permit consultants then this article will answer your query and will help to get the best consultant for your dream destination. Canada is one of the most popular and dream destinations for many to work and live there. It offers a lot of job opportunities for you to avail. However, being a foreign national, it takes some processing time to land in your dream destination finally.

Therefore, if you take the services of Canada work permit consultants, your processing time can become faster without any hassles. The visa consultancy will do all the processing, including paperwork for you, and ensure there are no hick-ups. So, if you have decided to work in Canada and possess the necessary skills, you must immediately apply for a job. One of the most reliable and affordable work permit consultants is Stepwise Immigration.

How can you apply for a work permit in Canada?

apply for a work permit

Canada is a great place to work for foreign nationals. But it would be best if you had a valid work permit to work and live in Canada. Two types of work permits can allow you to land in your dream country. 

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

You can avail the facility of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to work in Canada. The employers, however, have to obtain a labor market impact assessment (LMIA) to hire a foreign national. The employer needs to advertise the job a minimum of four weeks before applying for LMIA. Once he gets approval, you can then apply for a work permit.

International Mobility Program

You can apply for a work permit through the International mobility Program as it does not require LMIA. You can enter Canada for work quickly through the open work permit option, allowing you to work for any employer of your choice as there are limited or no restrictions. If you want professional services, Stepwise Immigration can guide you through the process until you receive your work permit for Canada.

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What are the benefits of obtaining services from Canada work permit consultants?

If you decide to work in Canada, you must be sure about the type of work visa most appropriate for you. It is a lengthy process and can eat up your time and energy. Hence, it is advisable to obtain the services of Immigration consultants for the following reasons:

Save time and money

You can apply as an individual to obtain a Canadian work permit visa. However, it would be best if you were patient as the entire process is lengthy. It takes up to six months and sometimes eighteen months to get approval. However, if you obtain the services of a visa consultancy, your processing time becomes less. It is because the highly skilled and experienced agents can guide and help you through the entire process without any hassles.

Experienced Consultants

The Canadian Immigration consultants are highly skilled and can guide you through the right path to work and live in Canada. Moreover, they have licensed consultants, so you are secure from scams. 

Canadian Immigration Consultants follow a professional guideline

When hiring an Immigration consultant, be ready to face highly skilled professionals. They will offer you quality services along with maintaining ethical standards. If you encounter any issues, the professionals with their skills and expertise will try to resolve them and ensure that your dream of working in Canada comes true.

How can you apply for permanent residence in Canada?

You can permanently live and work in Canada through the Express Entry option. It is one of the most popular options for a foreign worker. However, it would be best if you had the following criteria to make the process faster and get a PR visa:

  • You must qualify in the immigration points system
  • You must be below thirty years
  • A double Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in any discipline is an advantage.
  • Proficiency in English is a must, along with a good IELTS score
  • If you know French, it can become an added advantage.
  • Work experience

Along with the application to obtain a work visa, you also need to pay a nominal fee of $155. However, it may vary according to the type of visa. 


So, if you are considering immigration to Canada, it is time to start the process. Our Canadian immigrant agents will ensure you get your dreams come true. Various programs can help you immigrate to Canada with a valid work permit.