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Canada work permit agent

June 24, 2022BY Admin

Canada is one of the most beneficial and popular countries to work in, and it is because there are numerous job opportunities with high salaries and various employment benefits. So, if you want a better prospect, you must make Canada your workplace destination. Therefore, waste no time and get in touch with the Canada work permit agent of Stepwise Immigrations. The company has a team of qualified and skilled agents who will successfully guide you through the entire process of obtaining a work permit for Canada.

What is the process of obtaining a work permit for Canada?

First, you must apply for a Canada work permit online through the official portal. You can either do it on your own or take the help of the services of the Canada work permit agent. Since the application is lengthy, it is better to book an appointment with the immigration consultants for a quick and easy process. However, if you are a foreign national, you must first obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer

Once you apply for the work permit, you must book your biometric appointment. You should book it before the deadline so that the process is faster.

If your application is incomplete, it will come back to you without processing it. Hence, it is necessary that before submitting your application, you check all the documents and information. However, if you want to avoid the hassle and want to make the process simple and smooth, you must take the services of Stepwise Immigrations.

Once you get approval, you will receive a letter stating that you are eligible to work in Canada. It would be best if you remembered that it is not a work permit and is the port of entry letter of introduction, and you must carry the note when you enter Canada. Once you arrive in Canada, you receive the work permit that will contain the following details:

  • The type of work you will be able to do.
  • The employer with whom you will be able to work
  • The places in Canada where you can work
  • The duration of your work.

It would be best to remember that a work permit is not a permanent stay in Canada as these are temporary work permits. You can later apply for immigration to Canada permanently.

What are the options for family members?

If you apply for a work permit, you can also include your family to come to Canada for work or study. Your partner can use the open work permit that will allow them to work for any employer. If they are not eligible for a work permit, you can apply for other types of work permits for entry in Canada. The Canada work permit agent will guide you through the entire process and advise you of several options for bringing your partner with you to Canada. 

What are the ways to get a work permit for Canada?

Before getting a job offer, your employer must apply for a labor market impact assessment. Once he gets approval, you will get the job offer letter. The other option is to use through International mobility program where the employer does not have to apply to a labor market impact assessment (LMIA) to give a job offer letter to a temporary foreign worker.

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How to apply for the federal skilled worker program?

However, the most famous work permit method is through express entry. You must qualify according to the Canadian Immigration points table and possess the necessary skills, and you need to apply through the Federal Skilled worker program. Therefore, according to the Canadian Immigration program, you can quickly move to your dream country for work if you belong to the category of skilled workers.


Canada is an excellent destination for people who dream of working abroad. There are various types of work permits that you can choose from the available options. So, if you have the necessary skills, apply for a work permit now and brighten your future.