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October 6, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

Every year thousands of students fly thousand of miles and come to Canada and they make Canada the country that it is, accepting, life changing and prospering every day. This year due to the pandemic, the international borders remained closed to students and a temporary policy was announced where in students would study from within their home countries. It caused many issues for students as some students did not get a proper study environment at school, some faced lack of motivation while in some countries time zones were the complete opposite. The government has now announced that the borders will open to international students from the 20th October .Every student that is attending an institution (DLI) that has been identified by their provincial or territorial government will be eligible to travel.

Due to the pandemic there will be extra safety measures that students will have to keep in mind:
1. Student have to have a quarantine plan ready, that will include their quarantine location, their pick up from the airport etc.
2. To those  arriving in Canada by air must pass a pre-boarding health check conducted by their airlines.
3. All travelers must provide additional arrival details after entry to Canada, including contact details .
4. They have to ensure to follow all policies the government have implemented regarding COVID19 and quarantine policies.

It is known that many students decide to come to Canada for better education and to experience living in this beautiful country, and from the 20th they will be able to come and get the full experience of education abroad. Hence if you are willing to apply or to come to Canada , contact us today to guide you through the process.