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Canada Study Visa Consultants In Delhi – Study in Your Dream Destination

July 19, 2022BY Admin

Canada study visa consultants in Delhi : We all are aware of the fact that Canada is also known as a paradise for immigrants. Every year, Canada surprises the entire world by increasing its immigrant intake. People want to go to Canada for work and higher studies because of its mind-blowing weather, easy immigration process, and high economic growth. Skilled people are likely to get better pay, and the scope of promotion is also very high.

A few benefits of shifting to Canada are as follows:

  • Renew or extend your visa
  • You have permission to bring your family here
  • Offers free education to children
  • Social benefits
  • Secure and safe environment 
  • You can start your own business

So, if you plan to shift to Canada for future studies, you will need a study permit, and you will have to undergo specific visa processes. If you know how to get through the process in one go, then it’s okay, and if you have less knowledge about it, then you can come and visit a Canada study visa consultants in Delhi. Our members of stepwise immigration will help you in everything and will do the needful from your side so that you don’t face any difficulty during the process. 

Canada Study Visa Consultants In Delhi

The report claims that the number of students enrolling in the Canadian university is increasing widely. Canada’s international education strategy is attracting a lot of students. Their way of teaching is far better than our country’s way of teaching. Canada is a developing country, and its economy is also growing widely. That’s why students want to go to Canada so that they can get more and more benefits in the long run. Getting a good job after completing higher studies is very high. If you also want to go to Canada or any other foreign country for work or further studies, make sure you visit stepwise immigration for help, as it is the best consultant in Delhi. Our specialists will help you pass through all the steps and processes.

Why Study In Canada?

There are thousands of valid reasons why a person should go to Canada for higher studies. We have shown the cause so that it becomes easy for you to understand. 

  • Canada consistently ranks among the top 10 best countries in the world. Reports also claim that students from almost all over the world prefer to visit Canada for higher studies. In 2017 more than 494,525 students came to Canada for studies. 

  • Students need to get a letter of acceptance from the designated learning institute to study in Canada. Diplomas and degrees you receive from Canadian universities are likely to have more value. The expense of living and tuition fees for international students is very low.

  • You can study in Canada and still apply for a part-time job.

  • You can experience a great feeling of incredible beauty. And this country is clean and safe, and the view from the mountains, lakes, and oceans is just amazing. 

We all know Canada is a leader in telecommunication, software development, automobile engineering, aerospace engineering, mining technology, and many more. The animation school of Canada has given us some masterpieces, including Jurassic Park, lion king, the terminator, etc. Canadian students are more likely to get better job offer as the educational institutes focus on students’ knowledge rather than their score card. 

Off-campus students can work up to 20 hours a week. 

Things You Need For Getting A Canada Study Visa

As per the rule, all students need to have a study permit, also known as a Canadian study visa. You need approval from the Canadian government to get into any of the Canadian universities. You will get your student visa once you pass all the requirements. You should never delay the process as it can lead to the cancelation of your passport, so make sure you don’t wait. The person at the visa office will go through your application and will see if there is any document missing or not. There are a few main tips that you need to keep in mind. Some of them are below.

  • You must cater to all immigration and refugee protection rules to avoid future casualty. 
  • Even if the tuition fees of Canadian universities are negligible, you still have to show that you have enough money to stay in Canada and support your education. 
  • A person should have no criminal records.

Eligibility Criteria To Follow To Study In Canada

There are certain things that both Indian students, as well as students of another foreign country, need to keep in mind before applying:

  • You should have a valid travel document and passport. Like all the other countries in the world, you will also need a study permit to stay here and study.
  • International students must satisfy the immigration officer that they will leave Canada after their studies.
  • If you are facing any issues filling out the application form, you can visit our consultants in Delhi. People working with us are professionals and have excellent knowledge about visa processing. They will guide you with all the relevant information to get an update on the latest news and rules. 
  • We all know that Canada offers an excellent educational facility to all the deserving candidates, so if you are one of them, come and visit our stepwise immigration and fulfill your dreams.

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Can An Individual Work On A Study Permit?

Universities in Canada allow their students to apply for part-time jobs. In simple words, students can do both studying and career, and they don’t need any separate work permit to do the job. You can only spend nearly 20 hours a week on your work, and on vacation, you can apply for a complete-time position. The cost of studying in other universities is much higher than in Canadian universities is very cheap. You can also get a scholarship from any educational institutes in Canada only if you qualify for their requirement list. 

Living expenses in Canada for students are affordable. Simply put, students can afford their costs by working a part-time job.

Why Choose Stepwise Immigration?

If you are the one who thinks that Canada is great for future studies, then our agency is what you need. As our name showcases our work, we provide step-by-step guidance for your visa and ensure you get eligible on the first go. We have skilled personnel to help you build a strong future and a great career. Few of our services include:

Trustworthy– People working here are experts and have knowledge about all the latest news. We will guide you so that your chances of success will increase. 

Excellence– Our Canada study visa consultants in Delhi has always been in the first place.

Few other services include:

  • Easy process
  • Quality service
  • Great customer service 


You have passed your boards, and now you are considering going abroad for further studies, but you don’t know how you will go as you have already wasted a lot of time. Don’t have to worry. Come and visit our Stepwise Immigration. It is one of the best consultants in Delhi, and our professionals will try their level to help you get a student visa within the time. Our team members will help you with every small thing so that you don’t face any difficulty during the visa application process. We will also teach you what to do if your visa application gets rejected. Our agency also offers teaching sessions for students who have zero knowledge.