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Canada study visa consultant, eligibility criteria – full guide

May 12, 2022BY Admin

Settlement in another country for educational purposes is a familiar concept. And if that country is Canada, then there is a high demand for education due to its advanced teaching system and higher employment chances. But there are a few factors like immigration policies and other legal procedures to follow to settle in Canada for study. Firstly, international laws restrict the entry of random people into a country, and thus one must show cause to enter and be a citizen. Then there is the visa application for immigrating into this country, and of course, there are requirements for getting the visa. Thus, a Canada study visa consultant is necessary to aid you in complex legal matters for Canadian study.

Advantages of hiring a Canada study visa consultant  

Settling into another country is not a simple task as it is filled with complex legal procedures and methods. The immigration policies are too complex for regular people to understand and require assistance. Thus, understanding your visa eligibility and other help in making documents or getting necessary information is necessary. So contacting a Canada study visa consultant for settling into Canada have many benefits.

  • Immigration agents are specialists in international laws are have expertise in immigrating citizens. The immigration process comprises complex procedures like family background checking, visa application, etc. Thus, understanding these methods might be troubling for many, so a PR agent’s assistance is required. These PR agencies assist you by providing you with the necessary information, creating required documents, etc.
  • As documentation are a vital part of the verification procedure for immigration, it is crucial to arrange all documents. A mismatch in documents can be highly damaging to the immigration process. And although rare, the authorities might also mark you as a fraud with the potential might stop your visa appeal permanently. Hence, an immigrant agent will help you gather all the necessary documents to submit to the immigration authorities.

  • A Visa application is another vital thing, as, without the visa, you cannot enter or be a citizen. Thus, your visa application to the immigration authorities must be written correctly. A PR agent will help you write the visa application in a professionally acceptable manner, and thus, it will be presentable to the immigration authorities.
  • Immigration agents also assist you in preparing documents like id proof, financial records, and more. They provide you with necessary information about what is required and give you a cost estimation of the process. As they have experience dealing with such clients, they are experts in handling complex issues and solving legal problems related to your immigration procedure. This is because immigration policies often restrict you due to minor inconvenience, and to get rid of the problem, the assistance of a PR agent is necessary.

Eligibility for getting the visa: identity documents, educational performance, and more

As discussed earlier, you need a visa to access Canada and settle there to study. Thus, you need to obtain permission for the authorities to grant you the visa and settle in the country. But specific criteria will allow you to apply for the visa first. In this case, it is a study visa, and there are factors like family history, excellent educational performance in your previous academy, and more. So one might ask how many bands are required for Canada after 12, which is what we will discuss.

You will need a study permit issued by the Canadian immigration authorities as you, a foreigner, is entering Canada to study. You need to be accepted by a designated learning institute in Canada to get a study permit. And to be selected by a Canadian institute, you need a minimum Band requirement. People often ask how many bands are required for Canada after 12. The answer to that is a minimum of 5.5 in each band. You must have an overall score of 6.0 in IELTS. Having such scores will allow you to be selected by a Canadian educational institute.

There are other criteria for getting the student visa, like showing proof of your funding. You must present the funding documents like your education and tuition funds and living expenses to prove you can survive in this country with legal monetary support. You also need a transparent background with no criminal record and a health checkup to prove you are in good physical and mental health. You can pursue your higher education in Canada with better academic support and job opportunities.

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Settling into Canada to pursue higher education is a dream for many, and to execute it, you will need a study visa. But a study visa has some requirements that you need to fulfill, like a good score in IELTS. You need to have at least 5.5 in each band and an overall score of 6.0. Thus, you will be selected by an institute and apply for a study visa in Canada.