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Canada pr consultant in Chandigarh

July 26, 2022BY Admin

Canada pr consultant in Chandigarh : If you intend to reside in Canada permanently, you should apply for permanent residence instead of applying for a short-term visa. It is not a tough job for you to become one of the permanent residents. Still, you need to follow a systematic process and apply for a permanent residency visa by contacting one of the Canada PR consultants.

Stepwise immigration is an experienced and well-known Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh. For many years, we have been providing immigration services in Chandigarh. Contact Stepwise Immigration at that point if you want assistance for Canada immigration as we possess the highest success rate. 

About Canada PR

Individuals who are not Canadian citizens are given the option to obtain permanent residency, allowing them to live and work in Canada. Their visit has no time restriction, and working experts can move to Canada this way and eventually establish permanent residence there. According to statistics, India is the top country for applicants seeking permanent residency in Canada. Additionally, if you want to apply for a PR visa, you should contact Stepwise Immigration, a Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh

Different types of Canada PR programs

Various immigration programs established by the Canadian government are open to applications from individuals. These programs were created for individuals working in various industries and businesses. Thus, immigration is not limited to a particular sector of industry. Through these classes, people categorized as self-employed individuals, skilled workers, investors, businesspeople, and numerous others have the wonderful opportunity to immigrate to Canada.


  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)   
  • Self-employed Persons Program 
  • Business Immigration Program

Knowing which class is most appropriate for you is crucial. Depending on your line of work and the reason you’re moving. Permanent residency applications follow a set process that must be followed step-by-step. Stepwise Immigration, One of the top ICCRC-approved immigration consultants in Chandigarh, can help you make the process easier and will be there for you every step of the way until you arrive in Canada. 

Express Entry

Express Entry is one of the most well-known systems for people needing to immigrate to Canada. Canada is a country that attracts people from all over the world, and its legal system has a wide range of provisions. People with various businesses and occupations can take advantage of Express Entry’s flexibility to grab one of the great opportunities of relocating to Canada. The following programs accept applications through Express Entry: 

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) 

Working experts who need to apply for permanent residency in Canada should use this program. Individuals should have at least one year of work experience and the necessary educational requirements and language skills. This program is geared toward talented specialists in finance, IT, and other similar industries.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST) 

People with trade permits can participate in this program, which typically involves manual and physical labor. This program is suitable for those working in the construction industry and carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other related fields. 

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) 

Foreign residents who have worked in Canada for at least a year are eligible for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). CEC permits such individuals to relocate to Canada Permanently. This is how Canada recognizes talented foreigners who are currently working there. Thanks to this program, these individuals and their families can recognize the country.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

One of Canada’s most well-known immigration programs, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), is quickly growing in popularity. This program requires the provinces to designate your migration, and they have been expanding their nominations over the last few years. 

Eligibility to apply for PNP –

Foreign nationals must complete a clinical test and get a police check, just like with all movement programs, regardless of the territory you want to choose. Aside from these two, the remaining requirements will vary from region to region. 

PNP focuses on talented and semi-talented professionals, international students, investors, and others in related fields. The province will nominate you if you possess one of the related skills.

You ought to be able to boost the local economy. Your education and skill level will determine how well you meet this standard. You can also demonstrate that you have enough experience in a particular field.

You want to spend a lot of time working and living in one area or field, eventually becoming a very long-lasting resident of Canada. 

Self-employed Persons Program

This program is intended for individuals who manage their line of work independently rather than working for an organization. People must have at least two years of experience in their chosen field and obtain the minimum number of points in the major framework to be eligible for this program, which is point-based. These points determine a person’s capacity to work independently in Canada and contribute enough money to the nation’s economy.  

This program focuses primarily on people who work in cultural fields, such as artists, creators, film producers, journalists, musicians, dancers, and a wide range of other professions. This is also suitable for athletes and sports people.

Business Immigration Programs

The business immigration program allows interested investors, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada. The country welcomes such individuals because they help organizations advance and have the potential to generate income and employment there. In any case, these individuals ought to demonstrate their ability to support and sustain a business and their expectations to operate a business in the nation. 

Process of Permanent Residency 

Only some groups of people are eligible to apply for permanent residency or PR. This rule is also suitable for the application process for Canadian permanent residents. You can challenge the decision if your application is denied, but you are not likely to be successful unless you have fresh evidence to present. Thus, to complete the Canada Permanent Residency process, your PR application must be as strong as it can be at the outset.

Do you need a PR consultant?

Even though you can complete the entire application yourself, you might find it challenging. Working with a reputable Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh increases your chances of getting a Permanent residency.

There are no guarantees that you will succeed if you pursue the Permanent Residency process with a Canada PR advisor. Nor does it imply that you will receive preferential treatment or that the process will proceed more quickly. However, the main justification for choosing a Canada PR specialist for your Permanent Residency process is that they are local experts with a wealth of experience that can all be used to help make your application the best it possibly can be. Additionally, it will be even simpler if you choose Stepwise immigration as your PR partner.


If you have decided to immigrate to Canada from India permanently, you will probably have made a lot of plans in preparation. Don’t waste all your hard work; get your Canada Permanent Residency application right the first time and submitted in plenty of time to ensure you are the first in line to be assessed, as it has a comprehensive ranking system.

When you need to continue working with a recognized consultant for the Canada Permanent Residency, get in touch with Stepwise Immigration.