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July 21, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

IRCC is looking out for students, that fraction of immigrants that contribute to the country’s economy in a massive proportion. In these perplexing times, students are not able to gather all necessary documents therefore IRCC acknowledges the ordeal students are facing for gathering these documents and hence has introduced a new Two-step process for students to obtain permission to study in Canada.
The two steps of this process are:
Step one is submitting vital documentation that IRCC requires to process a file of a study permit. Students need to provide the following documents:
1.Letter of acceptance;
2. Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (for Quebec students only);
3.Proof of funds
4.proof that they can leave Canada when they no longer have legal temporary or permanent status
5.Any family ties to Canada.

After submitting the documents mentioned above officers will grant permission to students to start their study in the luxury of their home countries. Once the travel restrictions are uplifted then the students will have to complete step two to immigrate to Canada.

Step two contains submitting the documents that the students could not due to the pandemic.
This will include, getting medical exams done, Submitting the police certificate, and giving biometrics that is exempted as of now.

Only students that apply before 15 September can take advantage of this new application process.
If you are a student and wish to apply Contact us.
EMAIL: stepwiseimmigration@gmail.com