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Canada Immigration For Spouse : Everything You Need To Know

May 18, 2022BY Admin

Settling in Canada is pretty standard as almost 300 000 people settle there every year, and this shows its demand to settle in and continue one’s life as a country. People come here to pursue higher education, apply for jobs, start or invest in a business, or for other personal reasons. And if you have a family and want to immigrate to Canada along with them, then there are certain things you need to know. There are specific procedures for getting Canada immigration for spouse, which we are going to discuss.

What is Canada immigration for spouse?

Settling in Canada is a complicated procedure composed of multiple legal methods. Due to international immigration policies, a person needs to undergo several processes to claim Canadian citizenship. And when it comes to Canada immigration for spouse, you need to apply for a spouse visa.

This visa program permits permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their common-law partner or spouse. There are two types of spouse visas, outland sponsorship, and inland sponsorship, and many get confused over it, thus seeking help in the best option.

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Duties As A Sponsor In Canada Immigration For Spouse

Sponsoring your spouse is crucial to settling them into Canada, and there are several steps to it. You must legally promise to support your spouse and their dependent children financially, and this means you need to provide them with food, clothing, health care, and other basic needs.

Yes, your spouse also needs to be eligible to be able to settle in Canada. Things that often matter are spouse IELTS score for Canada immigration, expertise in the local language, adaptability, and more.

Eligibility requirement for sponsor or spouse

You and your spouse also need to be eligible to receive the visa. Firstly, you need to be at least 18 years old, a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident as a sponsor. You need to be living in Canada to be able to sponsor your spouse. Or even if you live outside Canada, you need to prove that you will be living in Canada with your spouse when they become a Canadian citizen.

If you are in Canada for work or study purposes, sponsoring your spouse IELTS score for Canada immigration is necessary. First, you need to gain your eligibility to be a Canadian citizen, as only after that will you be able to sponsor your spouse. Other eligibility factors include your spouse being above 18 and showing legal proof of the marriage.

The complete procedure of applying for a Canadian spouse visa

If you are eligible for the spouse visa and are willing to sponsor your spouse, you need to undergo specific procedures. Applying for a passport is composed of multiple steps that you need to follow.

Gathering all necessary documents

You need to cover every document to present it to the immigration authorities. Details like who is being sponsored by whom, the original nationality of the person, etc., should be given. You first need your checklist that includes vital details like documents that apply to your specific situation. You also have country specifications and a clean background without any criminal record. You also need photos and other identity proof like a passport.

Filling out the forms

You will be handed a sponsor application to fill in, showing all details. This will include declaring all family members and a legal promise for financial support to your spouse and spouse’s dependent children. These also require financial funding details, details if the children are adopted, and the exact location of the city or province you want to settle. You also need to show details about your partner’s current nationality and your current marital status. Education and occupation are also necessary for you and your spouses, like IELTS score for Canada immigration, language expertise, and adaptability.

 Fee payment

After presenting the document and filling out different forms, you must submit the applications and pay the required charges. The sponsorship fee is about $75, with the principal applicant processing fee of $490 and the right of permanent residence fee of $515. If you want to sponsor a child, it is $75, and the processing fee is $75 making $150. Bare reminder, it is $150 per child. You can pay the authorities via credit card, visa debit card, or debit MasterCard.

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Settling into Canada with your spouse is a complex procedure that includes multiple verifications and detailed submission methods. The Canada spouse visa must be sponsored by a sponsor, presumably by a Canadian citizen for their partner. They need to prove their Canadian citizenship and financially support their spouse and dependent children. For more details contact us.