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Canada Federal Skilled Worker visa

October 13, 2022BY Admin

According to many studies, Canada is famous for its top-tier global immigration system. This means it offers great job chances for those with clear skill sets. Canada has some of the lowest job rates and more job openings than similar nations. In addition, political peace and safety, diverse folks, and free healthcare are some main reasons people love Canada. Thus, superb education choices are another reason making it an ideal spot for emigres seeking settlement services. Looking for the best Canada federal skilled worker visa. Then, call our experts at Stepwise Immigrations. This is because we are the best Canada FSW visa experts all over Canada. Let’s read more in this blog.

What is Canada federal skilled worker visa?

The federal skilled visa Canada follows certain steps to rank the top-ranking applicants to enter Canada. It can have checking of both the applicants and the wards for various rules.

The process for this Canada federal skilled worker visa is very difficult, and any mistake can lead to the denial of the pass. Thus, it is best to reach Stepwise Immigrations as we are the best Canada visa federal skilled worker program experts. Call our experts today.

Like the skilled worker program, every area of Canada has to follow the same rules in selection bars. Canadian skilled work visas assist in picking the right candidate that will donate to the region’s financial growth. Call Stepwise Immigrations to speak with our experts. Our experts will do anything so that you can trust us forever.

Canada visa federal skilled worker program Requirements

You must meet the minimum requirements to get a Canada FSW visa.

  • Experience in skilled work
  • Proficiency in languages
  • The experience

To determine your eligibility, you must meet six of the following criteria. If you have trouble getting a skilled trade visa Canada, please reach us or talk to our highly expert team at Stepwise Immigrations. We are the best federal skilled visa Canada experts since our experts have years of skill handling different types of visas. Make a call to talk to our team now.

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The six most important selection factors for FSW programs

There are points allocated to each aspect, resulting in a grid of 100 points. If you score 67 or higher on the application, you will be eligible to apply.

  • Language Proficiency

It does not matter if you are applying for a study visa, work permit, or PR; you must be able to speak English. Or able to speak other languages of the nation. In the same way, to apply for an FSW visa Canada you should know French, English, or both.

Your language skills in English and French can earn you a maximum of 28 points based on your ability to write, read, listen, and speak. To prove your language proficiency, you must take an approved language test.

  •  Education

An education certificate or diploma from a post-secondary institution or high school is required if you have studied in Canada.

If you earned your education outside of Canada, you must provide a report of your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

The education component can earn up to 25 points.

  • Job experience

With your work experience, you will get only 15 points. You must have one year of full-time or equivalent part-time experience in a skilled field.

Your occupation must be in Skill level 0, A, or B of the National Occupation Classification.

  • Age

Depending on your age, you can receive up to 12 points

  • Adaptability

Do you plan to bring your spouse along? In addition, you can increase your spouse’s score by providing their education, work experience, and language skills.

  • Clear police records

The applicant mustn’t have any criminal records.

We are the best Canada visa federal skilled worker program experts, as our experts will take everything on your behalf. Stepwise Immigrations is the best FSW visa Canada expert, as our team works 24 hours to solve your queries.

Steps to apply for a federal skilled visa Canada

Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for a Canada federal skilled worker visa.

  • Eligibility Check

You must meet all of the program’s minimum needs.

  • Obtain all the vital papers

Candidates must obtain the following documents to create the express profile:

  1. Copy of identification (such as a passport).
  2. Results of language tests, such as IELTS
  3. Certificate from the ECA
  • Express profile creation

The candidates will have to create their express profile and submit their credentials.

  • Get an ITA

The candidate will receive an ITA after clearing the latest CRS score cut-off. Within 60 days of receiving an invitation, they can submit their PR Visa application to IRCC.

  • Check your health & PCC

To be considered for the position, the candidate must possess a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and undergo a medical test.

  • Submit your PR Visa application

The candidate must apply for a PR visa with the IRCC. The immigration officer will let the candidate know if more info is required.

  • Obtain a CoPR

An applicant who receives a successful evaluation of their application receives a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR).

  • Obtain your Canada PR Card

You receive your PR card at the border once you have the CoPR.

Stepwise Immigrations are the skilled trade visa Canada experts. Our team is trained, and our experts will work for you anytime. So, what are you waiting for? Call our experts now.

Benefits of federal skilled visa Canada

Canada Federal Skilled Worker visa allows you to work in Canada without the need to be sponsored by an employer, a Canadian work permit, or a job offer.

  • A successful applicant is free to work without any constraints/restrictions, unlike a worker with a work permit.
  • An applicant can apply for Canadian citizenship after three years in the country.
  • You can visit many nations in the world without a visa if you have a Canadian passport & citizenship
  • If you want to enter Canada with your family, you can sponsor them
  • With PR, you’ll be able to get government-subsidized education and healthcare (Medicare).
  • Job and insurance benefits are free and open to all Canadians
  • A PR visa can now be granted in 6-12 months rather than the previous 3+ years
  • The High Commission refunds the application fee if the application is returned


Seeking for the Canada federal skilled worker visa experts. Reach our office at Stepwise Immigrations, as we are the best Canada FSW visa experts with years of skills. With us, you can easily focus on other work and rest we will take care of. Don’t wait longer for a trouble-free federal skilled visa Canada with us. Make a call today.


What is federal skilled worker in Canada?         

Immigrants who wish to settle permanently in Canada may apply for the program.

How do I get a skilled work visa for Canada?    

This visa needs skills in a specific field.

Can skilled worker get PR in Canada?     

English or French must also be a requirement for permanent residents along with education and work experience.

What Skilled Workers does Canada want?         

Canada needs various types of skilled workers to boost the economy.